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  carmichy 14:14 02 Nov 2007

I paid £400:00 for a new laptop with Windows already loaded as the OS THe Laptop is not mine though. It belongs to Windows Vista. I have been reading helplines on the likes of Linux and Ubutu. Can I get some advice to get MY Laptop back from Microsoft

  Totally-braindead 14:16 02 Nov 2007

What you have typed makes no sense to me.

What do you mean Microsoft own your laptop?

How can they have it?

  crosstrainer 14:39 02 Nov 2007

What carmichy means is that he / she want's to INSTALL Linux....? Am I on the right lines?

  carmichy 14:49 02 Nov 2007

crosstrainer yes you are on the right lines. Totally braindead did not use the screen name deliberatly. If you have Vista you will kbow that you cannot move or download anything you like without microsoft/windows approval Is it a good idea to go Linux That was the question. Is this better in Speaker's corner ?

  crosstrainer 14:54 02 Nov 2007

You want is to ditch Vista in favour of linux...?

You need to download the files from:

click here

Read all the instructions, as you need to make a bootable CD from the dowloaded files BEFORE you ditch the Vista partition.

Also, if you wish to return to Vista, you may have to create a disk image if you have not got a Vista DVD.

  carmichy 15:06 02 Nov 2007

Crosstrainer you have answered my question I will now wait until Tomorow and a clear head before I follow the insructions. I also operate an Internet Cafe here in the Philippines and would like to introduce Linux here. It is unheard of

  woodchip 15:08 02 Nov 2007

He means that He does not hown the Operating System. That's nothing to do with the Laptop. Close the Page you have opend and forget Linux. Make hay with your new Laptop

  woodchip 15:11 02 Nov 2007

If it asks do you agree or nor agree click agree. You do not need to read all the small print. If you do, you will spend all your time reading them and never get anything else done with the computer

  carmichy 15:12 02 Nov 2007

Aw Woodchip are you another one that kow tows to Gates like gandalf

  carmichy 15:25 02 Nov 2007

woodchip Please read above and appreiciate the help I have been given and open your mind up to things that could be different

  crosstrainer 15:31 02 Nov 2007

I'm not out to "get Bill" by posting a link about Linux...It's free, and legal...Nor do I wish to enter a debate about the relative merits of Microsoft!

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