New Laptop - XP or Vista/where should i get from?

  JEFoord 15:57 09 Apr 2007

I am looking for a laptop for my wife.
She will browse the net, play music/dvd's, word process - no high end spec needed I guess then?

Wanted your guys thoughts on xp or vista, dont really need vista for above uses and have been led to believe vista requires more ram to run nicely. I know my way around xp from this desktop i'm on now. Will i be missing out on much? will i be able to get xp machines cheaper?

Can any of you advise your thoughts on these matters and express possible suppliers, want it cheap as poss (£400-£600 hopefully) dont want to waste money on stuff i dont need but want it to be capable of all the above.

Your comments would be very welcome,

Thank you,


  johndrew 16:08 09 Apr 2007

There are a lot of threads on related subjects in this forum. Basically what you buy depends on what you expect from the PC and how much HDD space you are likely to need (ie the amount you expect to load onto it). You should also remember that once in use it may be found `ideal for other jobs`.

From what you have said a fairly basic PC should suit your needs. I would suggest you look at this post click here and the links I gave. You could also do worse than search these forums for other recent threads which may help.

  JEFoord 16:15 09 Apr 2007

I have had a look at that forum - thankyou.
But still no opinion on xp or vista?

  Kate B 16:43 09 Apr 2007

Vista. It's an excellent OS.

  JEFoord 16:45 09 Apr 2007

thanks for the reply, just wondering if vista is really ram hungry compared to xp - trying to keep cost of new laptop to a min u see!

  johndrew 17:19 09 Apr 2007

You may (if you`re lucky) get a laptop with XP installed that is cheaper because it has XP rather than Vista. Xp will do all that you indicate you want.

  JEFoord 17:26 09 Apr 2007

but the point is - even if the laptop is not cheaper, i will not need a machine with so much ram and therefore that will make it a bit cheaper.

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