New Laptop which one

  jimmilk 11:00 16 Dec 2005

Hi again
I am looking at buying a lap top any suggestions?

Budget £1,000

Main usage Games, mostly stratergy Rome TW, Civilisation 1V or Age of Empires that sort of thing.

Some DVD watching but not a lot so 15 inch is fine.

Not too bothered if thinks are a little slow.

Wil get a little Office usage

No weight restriction


  jan-boy 11:06 16 Dec 2005

My personal choice for your specs would be.
Gateway 6635B 15" or gateway 8550GB 17"

Available from Staples.

  Slithe 11:08 16 Dec 2005

For Age of Empires III, you are going to need a high-end piece of kit. Seriously, go for something with at least 64MB graphics, and ensure that the graphics aren't shared either. Probably, it would be better to go for about 128MB.

As regards RAM, you want at least 1GB, 512MB will reduce performance for Age of Empires, I run it on my PC and having upgraded from 512MB to 1GB, the difference is noticeable.

Go for a P4 or Centrino, a Celeron is OK, but as it runs a bit slower, your gaming will suffer slightly.

Try Dell, John Lewis, Dixons or PC World. I am not au fait with online retailers so someone here may be able to help you.

As for the specs, I tried to run Age of Empires III on my laptop and the result was dismal. It needs to be pretty powerful for that one, I am assuming that it's Age III, the previous editions will run with lower specs!

  rmcqua 11:10 16 Dec 2005

If I had £1000 to spend on a laptop, this would be my choice. Great specs!
click here

  jimmilk 11:21 16 Dec 2005

The Novatech Ninto 750 looks interesting but not familier with the make. Looks as if A of E would be for my PC. Would the latest Football Management games run on the 750?
Thanks for the commments

  rmcqua 12:02 16 Dec 2005

Novatech were originally a PC components distributor who, over the years, have expanded moved into offering some of their own brands. They are a very quality conscious company. I've had alot of dealings with them and found them to be excellent in every respect. The 750 looks a really nice product and, with its processor and graphics chip, it would certainly run any kind of game you care to throw at it. I would go for it with confidence (probably worth buying an extended warranty too, as I would with any brand).

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