New Laptop Very Slow

  NSBT 20:03 23 Feb 2008


I have a click here which I've had for a couple of months.

The laptop is extremely slow at start up, and on opening web pages.

The laptop has Vista home installed, is this a general issue with Vista, on my desktop with XP, the pages open in half the time.

I've used several on line spyware / malware scanners, but nothing seems to resolve it.

It's very frustrating waiting for the dam thing and pages to load.

Any help will be appreciated.


  Diemmess 20:32 23 Feb 2008

One gloomy suggestion, the spec. seems acutely short of RAM (512)?

Vista seems to be hungry for rescources and yours seem very marginal.

  NSBT 20:38 23 Feb 2008

Hi Di

Oh, no offence, but means nothing to me apart from do I need more ram?

Thanks so far

  Halmer 20:44 23 Feb 2008
  sinbads 20:53 23 Feb 2008

Yes you need more ram min of 1gig you can check your lappy from click here lrt it scan your comp it will give you the correct ram to fit your pc

  sinbads 20:57 23 Feb 2008

fitting new ram to a lppy is easy click here

  GaT7 21:05 23 Feb 2008

Yep, with 1Gb more & advice in Halmer's it should improve a lot.

Compatible 1Gb laptop RAM for only £12.99 delivered from click here. G

  NSBT 21:09 23 Feb 2008

Thanks guys for your help


As I'm not that computer literate, therefore I have no confidence in using the information within that link, but that for your advice.


I used that link, but it was unable to give an accurate report.

  NSBT 21:11 23 Feb 2008


Is that right £12.99, have you seen the RRP!!!

  GaT7 21:15 23 Feb 2008

Yep, £12.99.

"Is that right £12.99, have you seen the RRP!!!" - that's for you!

Have purchased from them many times - no problems, except it can take upto 5-7 days to receive the item. G

  NSBT 21:19 23 Feb 2008

If that the right spec for my laptop, I'm going to order it now.

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