New Laptop User Advice (Toshiba Satelite L300 1AQ

  skthecat 09:25 18 Feb 2009

Good Morning All, I am new to laptops and have just purchased a Toshiba L300 1AQ 250Gig hArd Drive Machine.

I am on Virgin Media and ahve installed a Belkin G Router that is wired to a desktop PC running XP Pro, and my laptop is connected wirelessly. My new machine has Vista pre-loaded. I now need to get a office pack (Word, Excel, Etc) I have just discovered 3 which apparently a free package and was wanting advice on its useability and compatibility with Microsoft Office?
Also, a lot of people say that new laptops come loaded with all sorts of "JUNK" applications which I should kill off as well.

So, in short, whats OpenOffice Like? and what should I do with all this "Junk" I have a load more questions but I think this should keep me occupied initially as a new user of a laptop.



  Diodorus Siculus 10:16 18 Feb 2009

OpenOffice 3 is pretty good for the average home user; certainly enough to begin with.

click here for decrapifier which will guide you to removal of a lot that you do not require.

You likely have a trial Anti-virus / security system. If you want to remove that, let us know what it is, and someone will suggest how best to remove it and replace it with another.

  Technotiger 10:22 18 Feb 2009

In short Open Office Org 3, is excellent IMHO, and it is fully compatible with M'soft Office.

I don't use Vista, so can't offer advice on the programs, though I do agree, most of the Junk can just be deleted.

  gazzaho 10:33 18 Feb 2009

I agree Open Office may not be as elegant and feature packed as the likes of MS Office but the important thing is, it's free! It wouldn't hurt to download it and try before deciding to shell out for a commercial package.

  skthecat 12:54 18 Feb 2009

Thanks all very much,
I will start with downloading the Openoffice. I have never downloaded anything like this before, do I need to download it to any particular place on my laptop? or will it steer itself to the right folder/area Etc.

2) the Anti-virus I believe is Mcafee? does that sound like what you are asking about? If it is, what is the best procedure to get rid of it? and what to replace it with and where from and its cost?

Cheers again,


  Technotiger 13:08 18 Feb 2009

Download Open Office to your Desktop, it will then be a simple matter to click on its icon to run the Installation. I do all my downloads to the Desktop, where they are then easy to locate.

click here

  skthecat 13:17 18 Feb 2009

Thanks, I also mean, do I have to decide where it will live (Does it have a special place/folder/part of a drive where it will permenantly stored) or will it go there automatically once I have downloaded to desktop and then saved it?? I am trying to explain what I mean as best as I can please bear with me.



  Technotiger 13:25 18 Feb 2009

It will be put in its place automatically. You will then find it listed in All Programs after clicking on Start, in the bottom left corner. During installation it may ask you if you want a Shortcut icon put on your Desktop - this can be helpful, but is not essential.

  skthecat 15:46 18 Feb 2009

Thank-You again. Also Should I sort anti-virus out first? not sure so I will describe where I am at as of now; Here goes!

Virgin Broadband >
G Router > Desktop PC with PC Guard Firewall
G Router WLAN to Laptop
The Router is Protected, The guy from Belkin helped set the Router protection out (So Network is Secure)

No Firewall or Anti virus yet set up on Laptop.

So how do I sort out the Laptop Security and firewall, and should I do this before downloading OpenOffice??

Thank-You All In Advance for your assistance..



  Technotiger 16:21 18 Feb 2009

click here

Download and Install this AVG Free - Now! You already have Firewall.

If you find you don't like AVG you can always change it later - but it is the one I use!

  skthecat 16:31 18 Feb 2009

Hi, you say I have a firewall, is that in the laptiop already? and I just have to activate it or am I just a bit of a gimp when it comes to IT?


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