New laptop - sound rubbish

  ethelene 19:44 12 Jul 2005

I have just bought a new laptop and am very disappointed in the sound - the level in very low, I can hardly hear it - even with headphones.

I have ramped the volume to full via Windows Control and it is still the same.

I phoned the retailer and he said all laptops have a nasty tinny sound with low volume.

Is this right?

It is an Acer Aspire.

  Jackcoms 19:47 12 Jul 2005

"I phoned the retailer and he said all laptops have a nasty tinny sound with low volume.

Is this right?"


  Jackcoms 19:48 12 Jul 2005

To add to my last post - if you want good sound from a laptop add external speakers to it.

  ethelene 19:50 12 Jul 2005

Thanks - am sorely disappointed!

Also - am ticked off because the router that my retailer assured me is so easy to install is very complicated and I can't do it!


Sorry - enough ranting.

  ethelene 19:52 12 Jul 2005

Jackcoms - added external speakers and had to wear them like headphones to hear anything!

Mind you - they are not good quality speakers.

What can I do?

  De Marcus 19:56 12 Jul 2005

Are you sure everything is turned up to the max? via the control panel, the icon in the corner and the actual button or slider on the laptop (if it has one).

Make sure your sound hardware is accelerated to full via the sound icon in device manager.

  ethelene 19:59 12 Jul 2005

Hi de marcus - yes, everything is set to maximum. There is no actual volume button or slider on the laptop but I have adjusted all internal settings.

  De Marcus 20:00 12 Jul 2005

Have you run the dxdiag tests?

  ethelene 20:03 12 Jul 2005

No de Marcus - I haven't. I did the strange test for the microphone.

How do I do that, and what does it do?

  De Marcus 20:04 12 Jul 2005

start, run and type in: dxdiag then hit enter, run all the sound tests and post back.

It tests your sound card and can help pinpoint problems

  De Marcus 20:05 12 Jul 2005

P.S. run the tests under the headings 'sound' & 'Music'

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