New laptop screen resolution - fuzzy text

  montyburns 22:24 04 Jun 2005

I know that I am probably daft doing this, but all PCs that I use regularly (home and work) I set to 800x600 resolution. I also do this on the work laptop. Works fine on al of them. Clear text, nice big icons and menus I can actually read

Just bought a Toshiba laptop (L10 series) Moved the res from 1024x768 to 800x600 (for the reasons mentiond above and also to get web pages to fill the screen - no point in not using it!)

Text (on icons especially) is now well fuzzy. Tried the clear text thing and it's no better. What do I do?!

Also, I'm sure that when I first tried resizing the res, there were about 5 choices. Now I can only see the two mentioned above! What's that about?!


  DieSse 22:36 04 Jun 2005

LCD screens have an optimal resolution - which is when the resolution you set it too exactly matches the number of pixels of the display. You will see this recommended resolution in the manual. If it's a 15" display, it's probably 1024x768.

Any other resolution is a compromise - some displays handle it well, some not so well. Sounds like you've got a "not so well one". Usually there are some controls for the display itself (look for the menu, or setup button on it) which you can adjust to improve matters. Often they're timing/phasing controls and the like.

That's one of the drawbacks of LCD displays, I'm afraid.

You're probably better putting the resolution back to standard, then in the display properties, adjusting the text/iconsize/dpi etc.

  pauldonovan 22:39 04 Jun 2005 now at least 1024x768 and often 1280x1024 (for 19" for example).

Find out for your laptop (do search on google/in user manual) what the resolution it was designed to use at is.

All these screens have an 'optimal' and anything lower will look a little fuzzy often.

  Joe R 22:48 04 Jun 2005


right click on your desktop, choose properties-appearance-effects, and in the drop down box under "use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts", change the setting to cleartype.

This should make your fonts more legible, but with these screens, the default size, is usually by far, the best setting, and all you need to do is increase the font size to large.

  Joe R 22:51 04 Jun 2005


sorry, My brains not working tonight, and you've already tried cleartype.

One more thing, have you got the refresh rate at it's highest setting.?

  Joe R 22:54 04 Jun 2005


My apologies also, i've plaigarised your posting.

I think i'll log off and go to bed.:o)

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