new laptop question

  madferrit 15:01 08 Aug 2005

hi do any of you have an acer aspire as i have just bought a new 1680,and i have a question is you hard drive split into two bits as i have drive c and drive d acerdata ,i may have created this by accident and would love to know how i did it, i may have done it setting up my wireless connection buy i'm not sure the symbol for it in my computer is a flash drive usb connector any ideas

  Aspman 16:30 08 Aug 2005

D: might contain restore information for the laptop. Check your documentation for any reference to it.

I doubt you could create a new partition and name it 'Acerdata' by accident.

If the machine is running fine and D is only a small fraction of your HD I would just forget about it. Don't delete anything from Acerdata just in case.

  madferrit 20:44 08 Aug 2005

drive d takes up half of my disc space about 26gig as i have an 60gig hdd ,i have been into my drive manager and i can delete the volume but will it then give me just the one drive with all the space on it ,the d drive contains wireless network info files and a shortcut to acer data but they are not very big i was thinking of moving them to drive c and deleting the volume what do you think is this the right way to do it ,if not can you tell me how to remove the partition so i have only one drive

  Totally-braindead 20:46 08 Aug 2005

Have you tried emailing Acer and asking them if its something you have inadvertantly done or something they do at the factory.

  madferrit 19:33 10 Aug 2005

right hears the deal my drive is split into 3 at the factory c:fat32(system)26gig(approx)d:fat32(acerdata)26gig (approx) and a small bit called ps sevice about 3gig which is nfts i think this is my backup/ recovery, my plan is to delete drive d as it has no files in it and have one big drive c, i have partition magic to do this but i can also use windowes to delete the drive now my question is do i use pm or windowes and will this automaticlly add the extra space to drive c when i delete drive d
your advice please


  woodchip 20:02 10 Aug 2005

You will not be able to restore to factory settings if you mess with Partitions. And you will have to buy a new XP Operating system and any pre-loaded software

  madferrit 20:40 10 Aug 2005

so its a bit dogey messing with partitions then ?its just a bit frustraiting having my hdd split into two 26gig bits it makes things more complecated but i'm sure i'll be fine, just not use to having a partitioned drive i'm lucky really my old pc only had a 7gig hdd so 26+26 is a lot bigger i'll see how it goes if i need the space i'll look into making one drive bigger but untill then i'll leave it as is

  woodchip 20:45 10 Aug 2005

Save you Docs Photos etc to D:\ You can load Programs to D:\ But some files will still go on C:\ When you do that

  VoG II 20:47 10 Aug 2005

Yep, change the location of My Documents to D: click here

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