New Laptop query

  The Boy David 18:54 03 Mar 2012

We're looking to replace my wife's ancient laptop and I'm looking at the HP Pavilion G6 series. The models I'm mulling over are:

Intel i3 2330M processor with 6Gb RAM and 500Gb H/D - £419.99 (PC World) Intel B960 prcoessor with 6Gb RAM and 750Gb H/D - £399.99 (PC World)
Intel B960 processor with 4Gb RAM and 750Gb H/D - £369.00 (Argos)

I understand that there's around 10%-15% speed difference between the i3 and B960 processors and I'm assuming that won't be too great given the general, everyday tasks we'll be using it for. My main concern is whether the extra 2Gb of RAM of the two B960 units is worth the £30 expense and if so, is it worth the minimal extra for the i3 processor, too?

Would there be a noticeable difference between the 4Gb/B960 and 6Gb/B960 units - and between the 6Gb/B960 and 6Gb/i3 models?

The overall £50 saving between the least/most expensive leaves me undecided as to where to go.

I'd welcome the opinion of those with more experience than I have on these issues.


  markd71 23:37 03 Mar 2012

Go with the Intel i3 from PC world...... Newer spec and far superior

  northumbria61 08:12 04 Mar 2012

I agree - the i3 would be my choice.

  The Boy David 13:29 06 Mar 2012

Thanks to both markd71 and northumbria61 for your helpful comments.

It seems the more I trawl forums for advice the more confused I become. It doesn't seem to matter which make/model takes your fancy you'll always find those who've had a bad experience and would never purchase another HP/Dell/Asus, or whatever.

In the final show, maybe there'll always be an element of luck involved no matter which laptop you choose with regards as to whether you're the one who gets a rogue, or problematic unit.

I'll just keep trawling and sampling in my local PC World until I finally take the plunge and hope it's OK. But I take note of your opinion with regard to the superiority of the i3 processor and thanks again to you both for your input.


  robin_x 19:31 06 Mar 2012

Any laptop can go wrong. If you backup by making regular System Images, you can 'repair' fatal system crashes and virus infections easily.

And if the computer has to go back for repair, an Image can be mounted on another computer for access to files.

If you don't have an external USB hard drive, to store backups, it is well worth budgeting for one, while you are in purchasing mode.

My pure finger in the air preference for buying would be HP or Asus. Lenovo have regular positive 'Mentions in Dispatches' too. But some say overpriced.

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