new laptop plenty baggage.

  KRONOS the First 20:01 23 May 2012

OK,So got the laptop, Original thread,

No one warned me about the amount of bundled garbage that comes with a new laptop, I am seriously considering wiping the HDD and installing a fresh copy of windows 7.

One question though can I just stick on a copy of Widows 7 and activate it with the COA that comes with the laptop?

  birdface 20:21 23 May 2012

have to agree with you about the garbage that comes with a new computer it is pathetic that they are allowed to do that.

As you know I downloaded W/7 Sp1 and ran it on my grand daughters computer using the keycode on the COA sticker without any problems.Mind you that was on a New hard drive.I would imagine it would be Ok but will leave that for others to comment.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:41 23 May 2012

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  KRONOS the First 05:54 24 May 2012


So you did.I remember your your post cocerning your granddaughters laptop.I think I am going to go the SSD route,perhaps get a 256GB for my desktop and use the 128GB which will be freed up for my laptop. Prices of SSD's are dropping in price pretty rapidly so this route is definitely under consideration,

Fruit Bat /\0/

Way ahead of you on that bit of software. Including games that came with Wild Tangent I have removed 30 items. A clean and bare installation of Widows 7 is a must,I beleive.

  samkallis 06:12 24 May 2012

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  rdave13 10:05 24 May 2012

Chronus, I've got so used to the rubbish that comes with new laptops I never though of mentioning it. I just go to the desktop, see what's on, and straight to programs and features. The only thing I do keep is the webcam software. If you're going to use the SSD then you should save even more battery power.

  rdave13 10:14 24 May 2012

Spam by samkallis, FE notified.

  KRONOS the First 10:14 24 May 2012


I have also discovered that it will not now allow me to install office 2007 and this is because there was a trial version of 2010 which I uninstalled but it leaves enough rubbish behind which even Revo misses that you cannot install 2007. A common enough problem I have found through Google.

So I am just setting up a USB to install a fresh copy of Windows 7.This is by the way an absolute nightmare and in future i will have to think very carefully if I want to go through tis just to have a piece of kit work the way I want.

  rdave13 10:19 24 May 2012

Have a look at the fix-it

  rdave13 10:21 24 May 2012

PS I never use revo to uninstall any Microsoft products.

  rdave13 10:30 24 May 2012

If you're doing a fresh install worth using Double-Driver to backup all non Windows drivers?

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