New Laptop. out of the box advice

  Internetwhizzkid 21:24 13 Nov 2006

my new laptop will be arriving tomorrow.
Now i want some advice, will i be able to get it out of the box and then use it or do you advise something else.
Also do I have to charge the battery up fully before i can use it.

Any advice would be great on how to make my new laptop last



  GEEKSTA 21:29 13 Nov 2006

not really much advice.
though when you have opened the box check for any damages before switching on and report it as soon as, and check everything is there mainly. I say that you should charge it but some may not be bothered with charging it.

  Chris Webster 21:35 13 Nov 2006

If you're going online with it make sure your anti-virus/firewall prog is running and fully updated. Don't forget to update Windows too.

Cheers, Chris.

  Technotiger 21:37 13 Nov 2006

Hi, there will almost certainly be full instructions re, charging of the battery.
Do you know what Software will already be installed? Also presumably you will be wanting to go on-line with it - make sure you have all the necessary security software on board.


  Internetwhizzkid 21:37 13 Nov 2006

so i should only charge it full later on in the day

ie when i have gone to bed

  skidzy 21:41 13 Nov 2006

If you plug the lappy into the mains,it should charge as you use it,it will not use the battery while you are connected to the mains,hence saving the charge for when you really need it.

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