new laptop with no instructions, what do i

  kimilee 11:34 19 Feb 2008

turn on laptop and message reads ..... operating system not found....... dont know what to do.

  Totally-braindead 11:41 19 Feb 2008

New as in brand new? Return it to where you got it from. It could be something as simplae as a lead come away inside but if its new its under warranty so take it back and get them to fix it.

  Diemmess 11:42 19 Feb 2008

"No operating system found" sounds like there isn't one to be found!

More details please of the new laptop and its supplier?

If it is really brand new, it sounds like the need for an urgent query to the supplier.

  crosstrainer 12:25 19 Feb 2008

Means that no o/s has been installed, in other words the laptop is a "clean slate" with nothing on it. Where did you buy it? Return for a full refund...No Manual, sounds iffy to say the least.

  Clapton is God 12:30 19 Feb 2008

Assuming it is new, did you actually pay for an OS to be included or did you buy it as a "clean slate"?

  kimilee 12:31 19 Feb 2008

im going to get someone to install new system for me. thanks to all who helped.

  Totally-braindead 12:34 19 Feb 2008

I assume from kimilees post that he did buy a blank PC.

  Clapton is God 12:39 19 Feb 2008

And, if so, that rather makes the original post somewhat pointless.

  crosstrainer 12:41 19 Feb 2008

Without an o/s to a novice user.....Sounds wrong to me. Laptops require a lot of configuration and are always supplied with o/s disc or recovery partiton. I think it must have benn secondhand, and the previous user wiped the drive(s)

  Diemmess 14:18 19 Feb 2008

It seems he bought the laptop from an eBay auction.

In an earlier email he said (useing the envelope)

"its not brande new, second hand, just new to me... its a dell latitude L400-PIII 700. I never recieved any instructions or leaflets with it, when i turn it on it reads ... operating systems not found, its a windows 2000.

I guess from the resolved message, kimilee has decided (wisely) to seek help nearer home.

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