New Laptop "No connectivity"!

  VideoSentry 17:22 14 Sep 2007

I have a DSL 604T router which currently feeds 2 on a wireless network and 1 on cable. I have now bought another laptop which though it will connect ( and gets 54mb link ) it comes up as "No connectivity" try to repair and I get an ip address of and subnet mask of 254.254 and "windows could not finish repairing because the following action could not be completed renewing your IP address" Yet the other two pewters connected are connected. What am I doing wrong or missing???

The lappy works no problem with a RJ45 link! I have tried disabling all and some of the firewalls/security etc.

An y help will be gladly received and I will post back a solution when found!

  VideoSentry 17:45 14 Sep 2007

it should read

  ambra4 20:22 14 Sep 2007

Did you set up the Lan card and your browser to access the router?

If any firewalls are installed on any of the PCs, uninstall them.
This includes Zone Alarm, Sygate, Kerio, Norton Internet Security, Zero Knowledge Freedom, Cisco VPN Client, F-Secure, McAfee Firewall, Trend Micro, etc.
In many cases, disabling the firewall is not enough; you have to actually uninstall it.
Do not install or re-install the firewall until after you have the network functioning properly

Web Browser Settings

Start your web browser. Select “Tools” then “Internet Options”.
In the “Internet Options” screen, there are three selections:
“Never dial a connection”,
“Dial whenever a network connection is not present”
“Always dial my default connection”.
If you can make a selection, select “Never dial a connection”.
If you cannot make a selection, go to the next step.
Under the “Internet Options” screen, click on “Connections”
Select “LAN Settings”
Make sure there are no check marks next to any of the displayed Options:
“Automatically detect settings”,
“Use automatic configuration script
“Use a proxy server”.
Click “OK”.
Then click “OK” again in the “Internet Options” page.

Network Adapter Setup on the Computer

Also called a LAN card (Local Area Network) or NIC card (Network Interface Connection)
Click “Start”, “Settings” Network Connection
Double-click on the “Network Connection
Left-click on the “Local Area Connection” associated with your network adapter
Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu.
In the “Local Area Connection Properties” window all boxes should be ticked
Tick the box “Show Icon in Notification Area When Connected,
An Icon will appear in the task bar when you have finish the setup
Click “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” Click the “Properties” button
Select “Obtain an IP address automatically
Select “Obtain DNS server address automatically”
Do Not Change Any Other Setting
Click “OK”.

Your computer network card is now configured for use with the Modem/Router

Other Network Connection Setting

Start- Setting-Network Connection-New Connection Wizard-Next
Chose-Connect to the Internet-Next
Set Up My Connection Manually-Next
Click Connect using a broadband connection that is always on-Next

  VideoSentry 21:32 14 Sep 2007

i'll try that ( tomorrow ) as early start due to Tottenham v Arsenal.

  ambra4 03:28 15 Sep 2007

Hope you are a Tottenham fan as I am lol

  Taff™ 08:11 15 Sep 2007

Is this a D-Link G604T? If so I suggest you unplug the router and leave it for 5 minutes. Turn off all the other computers. Restart the router and wait a further couple of minutes then start each computer in turn and check they get internet access. If you`ve followed ambra4`s advice your laptop should be allocated a correct IP address.

  irishrapter 13:28 15 Sep 2007

Do you have any encryption running on the router?
If so, make sure that you have entered the correct encryption key in the laptop.

  VideoSentry 19:26 15 Sep 2007

I forgot to mention that when I connect using a cable link direct to the router it works fine.
ambra4: sorry I do not support either of of the clubs.

  VideoSentry 11:45 16 Sep 2007

Having now read your advice properly,i Have aquestion,If I can connect to the internet via lan would that not kmean that the firewalls are not stopping Me connecting?

  Ashrich 14:52 16 Sep 2007

Wireless LAN uses different software and IP address from the wired LAN , so can be blocked when the other is working correctly .


  ambra4 16:15 16 Sep 2007

Sorry for the delay to you question I am 5 hours behind UK time it only 11am and one must do house hold chores if the boss around lol

Firewalls can be the cause of Wireless network connectivity problems

If you have a third-party firewall installed, disable it, or, if necessary, uninstall it completely, because corrupt installations of the Norton and McAfee firewalls continue to be the cause of several recent network connectivity issues

And as ashrich said difference software

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