new laptop for my daughter

  martd77 18:25 06 Nov 2008

my 12 yr old wants to sell her pc and get a laptop,usage would be ms office,internet access,messenger,homework etc
Weve looked at this:
click here
Im confused by some terms used for the processors,intelcore duo,intel core2duo and intel pentium dual core?

Price range £350max
Advice much appreciated

  Technotiger 18:29 06 Nov 2008

This looks a good bye ...

click here

  Pamy 18:42 06 Nov 2008

martd77, many members ask this question to this forum, but they never ask there children. I know she is only twelve, but she will have friends that have what she wants. I know you want to get the best value laptop, but I would ask your daughter what she wants from it first, then you will have an idea what to look for.

  Pineman100 18:50 06 Nov 2008

Your choice doesn't look too bad, if your daughter needs/wants Windows Vista. It's a reasonable budget-level spec.

Technotiger's suggestion is a good deal, provided she would be happy with Windows XP (which I certainly would!).

Bear in mind that for wireless internet access she will also need a wireless router, which will add to your expense (unless you already have one, or can get one free from your ISP).

  canarieslover 19:09 06 Nov 2008

No disrespect to the Samsung but a 10" screen won't give much street cred. I hate to think what it would do to the young lady's eyes if she has a lot of homework to do on the computer.


Just remember that the more powerful processors used in modern laptops generate a good deal of heat and that they really should not be used as the name suggests. Better that they are used on a hard surface so that air circulates or the lifespan could be fairly short. Acer looks fairly good value but could run into trouble with hard disk being too small if she starts down loading much music etc.

  martd77 20:08 06 Nov 2008

Thanks all for your responses,the mini notebooks we have looked at but i think she would struggle with homework on such a small screen,,none of her mates have laptops they all have full pcs.
She is happy with vista,had it for a year now on the pc in her bedroom,we have a wireless router,
Anyone clarify the processor terms,just looked at this with an integrated webcam but it doesnt say what speed the processor is

click here

  Pineman100 12:33 07 Nov 2008

click here

The Tesco machine is definitely a better spec than the Dabs. Better to buy that one and then spend a few quid on a seperate webcam if you want one.

But bear in mind that if your daughter and her friends have webcams, they will be a strong temptation to neglect the homework!

  canarieslover 13:22 07 Nov 2008

Fully agree with Pineman100 that webcam is not the best thing to attach to the computer. They can be extremely distracting.

  martd77 15:52 07 Nov 2008

Pineman thanks for info think ill buy the one from tesco seems a very good price and i take your point about webcam,she already has one but was looking for an integrated one,ill close the thread as resolved but any further advice or options welcomed

  martd77 19:21 09 Nov 2008

purchased the one from tesco seems very nicely built and pretty fast
well pleased

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