new laptop hard drive

  flick 00:15 21 Jun 2010

I have just bought a more spacious hard drive (and an enclosure for the old one) for my laptop which currently has xp on drive c and win7 on drive d.

Can I use win7 to create a system image to the new hard drive and then swap the 2 hard drives over?
Will it restore both drives and operating systems? I don't much mind if I lose xp as I've hardly used it since I installed win7

  gengiscant 09:36 21 Jun 2010

I have never used Windows 7 image software as I use Acronis. But if you create an image of your harddrive then yes you should be able to just swap them over.
I have found this which might help. click here

  flick 10:04 21 Jun 2010

I shall give it a try - I don't want to buy software just for this one task and this seemed like a neat solution. Worst comes to worst I can just reinstall everything to the new drive.

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