new laptop black screen

  //adz_w/// 10:28 02 Jan 2012

hi, after a few days of having my laptop its black screened 4 times now and ive had to use start up repair to fix it it does fix it as im using it now but it just keeps crashing on me any reasons why

iv eonly installed a couple of games and a mod for minecraft and put pictures on it and updated it thats about it

when this happens the computer starts to work really hard as in the fans start making alot of noise etc

  onthelimit1 11:17 02 Jan 2012

Have you got an antivirus programme installed? I'd be tempted to give it a full scan with that, followed by a scan by Malwarebytes (free download). If it still has the problem, I'd suspect a hardware problem and take it back.

  KRONOS the First 11:36 02 Jan 2012

Take it back. Obviously something wrong with it, hardware as opposed to virus.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:15 02 Jan 2012

Reset to factory conditions

do not install anything except antivius / antimalware

and then if it still does, it take it back.

  Woolwell 12:47 02 Jan 2012

It does depend on whether the laptop fully meets the requirements for the games.

  //adz_w/// 18:05 02 Jan 2012

its just badsic computing games and minecrft i doubt its a virus ive downloaded form secure places and i got Norton internet security and mailwarebytes on my pen drive pre installed

the first time it did it i swithed it on and it beeped about 7 to 10 times i wasnt touching it so it wasnt a jammed key i just shut it down and delt with it in the morning in the morning it just said windows did not start correctly or whatever it says and did a restore then it works fine all it does i switch it on it says loading windows and blck screens and then i switch it up and goes to the restore place

ill restore it back to factory default and try what you said it didnt have a fault when i first used it its just since i was at my dads house so it probably got bashed or something and a some hardware might be loose which might explain the beeping

  onthelimit1 18:11 02 Jan 2012

'probably got bashed or something'

Never a good idea for a laptop!

  //adz_w/// 18:13 02 Jan 2012

i know it seems to be working fine for now though i just would prefer if it was fixed

not a bad bash it just moved about in the car but was in a case i dunno but is there any way to fix it ?

  rdave13 18:17 02 Jan 2012

Beep Codes . I would return it stating the amount of beeps you had on startup.

  //adz_w/// 18:34 02 Jan 2012

how about if i open it up check all the hardware's in place and then boot it again

  //adz_w/// 18:41 02 Jan 2012

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