New Laptop 80GB... But isit?

  Winxx 15:11 25 Dec 2006

Hi, im a bit confused, got a new laptop for xmas and on the box it sais its got 80GB storage capacity.

when i go to my computer, there is 2 drives.


= 34.5 GB = 34.5GB

The drive ACER ihas 7GB already taken up (for system files i suppose)

now add those together and that = 69GB and thats without counting the 7GB already taken up by the system files??

Space is missing, have i been ripped off...
Why do i have 2 drive instead of 1...
when i transfer something to my laptop, the space is used on ACER D: drive, why....

Oh and merry christmas!

  The Brigadier 15:15 25 Dec 2006

Space on a Hard Drive is measured in GB, technically 1GB = 1,024MB, But in the case of a Hard Drive it is in fact 1,000MB =1GB. Coupled together with the fact that a formatted hard drive will loose about 7% of it's total means what you get is slightly lower than what the maker says.

  James. 15:16 25 Dec 2006

You have not been ripped of, your HD has been partitioned into two seperate sections, which are seen by windows as two hard drives, although it is physically only one drive.

The "Lost" space has not been lost it's due to formatting, I have just installed and formated a 400 GB HD, which is recognised as 379 GB.

  Winxx 15:17 25 Dec 2006

so what do i do, its nortmal then...? also how do i put data on the other drive... to even it out?

  The Brigadier 15:25 25 Dec 2006

The hard drive will have a partition where all the files for the operating system are kept, this is often a hidden partition to stop you from deleting it in case you need to use system restore if you have a problem with your pc. 1 drive will be a partition of the main hard drive.

  VoG II 15:26 25 Dec 2006

You could move My Documents to the second partition click here or use the second partition for backups.

  The Brigadier 15:27 25 Dec 2006

Leave it how it is.

  Winxx 15:41 25 Dec 2006

Ok il just use it as it is

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