New Laptop?

  7 23:00 19 Jan 2005

Hi I have bought new laptop from dell today 9200 series and it is costing me £1400. My querry is that i have requested for 80 Gb hard drive but it is showing 71Gb only. secondly wat is the difference in Pentium processor and pentium centrino processor as on my laptop only it shows the sign on pentium M not the sign of centrino as i have seen on my frds laptop.....kindly help...

  LeadingMNMs 23:07 19 Jan 2005

Theres probably a Recovery partition on the disk that eaten a few Gb and you'll have lost more on the format. An 80Gb disk will never have 80Gb of usuable space.

  LeadingMNMs 23:11 19 Jan 2005

As far as I'm aware, there is no 'centrino' processor, this instead relates to the hardware designed for portability. The Pentium M processor is normally found in 'Centrino' notebooks.

  7 23:42 19 Jan 2005

thank u for ur reply.
1) how will i come to know that where i have lost that many GB?
2)About processor that means i have got the centrino technology thing in Pentium M processor and the sticker which is not there is just bychance thay have forgotten to paste it?
3)My notebook has 1GB ram, i took this because in my previous notebook it used to take lot of time to open up the window if i am working on 10-14 windows at a time so somebody suggested ne that it is due to ram and in earlier one i had 256MB i am facing same problem....

  7 00:57 20 Jan 2005

any comments?

  LeadingMNMs 09:41 20 Jan 2005

If you go to Control Panel > Administrartive Tools > Computer Management > Storage > Disk Management, you will be able to see if there is a recovery partition.

I don't know that much about notebooks / laptops, so I don't know what is classed as 'Centrino' and what is not. It shouldn't really matter, and if you've got lots of RAM then its probably not optimised for portability (I suspect the spec is high).

RAM will make a difference when it comes to 'multi-tasking' however other parts of the system will slow it down. 10-14 windows does seem alot, especially for a laptop, although I suppose that depends on exactly what your doing.

  Chezdez 09:46 20 Jan 2005

10-14 windows is an awful lot, no matter how much RAM you have, windows is only capable of so much

as for the missing 9 GB, you most probably do have a recovery partition

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