New kit bother

  Fullywired 19:16 30 Sep 2007

hi guys, bought some new upgrades last week and still having problems with them.
Motherboard: ECS KA2 MVP
Processor: Athlon X2 4400+
RAM: OCZ 1Gb DDR2 800
Graphics: ATI X800 All in Wonder 128Mb

the first time i put these components together, i couldnt get an image on my monitor, i tried my gpahicas card in both PCI-E x16 slots on my board and got no result. i tookt he equipment to a friend and tried his graphics card in my motherboard, it worked fine, however, my graphics card also worked fine on his PC.

after a bit of fiddling around swapping the slots that the graphics card was in and the memory, i managed to get my new kit working together, so i re-installed XP Pro (because of NTLDR missing) and got it up and running.

However, the next day when i pud the kit back together at mine, (in the exact same slots as the previous day) i got nothing! i managed to get my monitor to work by unplugging it from the KVM switch and plugging it directly into the x800 card. however, the XP installation that i had installed the previous day had a file missing (\system32\hal.dll) so i clicked the reset button and put the XP CD into the drive but accidentally missed the "press any key to boot from CD..." message and was waiting for the missing file message, guess what... it booted my XP installation from the previous day! so i installed the drives needed (motherboard, graphic ect) and started windows update. after a load of updates, i rebooted and got the same missing file, again, i pressed reset and still got the message, so i put the XP CD in, booted from the hard drive instead of the CD and it worked!
i know there is something wrong with the equipment i have bought but im not sure which has a fault! i cant send them all back as faulty because they work fine on their own, just not together. can anyone advise me what to do?



  jimv7 19:39 30 Sep 2007

What size is the psu, is is supplying enough power to support your hardware.

  Fullywired 19:51 30 Sep 2007

using a 450W PSU, cant see how that can be underpowered, my PC will only load windows if the XP CD is present in the drive.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 30 Sep 2007

Hal.dll missing or corrupt click here

  Fullywired 20:56 30 Sep 2007

have tried the fixes and will see if i can boot up properly tomorrow, thanks guys


  woodchip 21:04 30 Sep 2007

You are using the same hard drive as what you used before your upgrade, You should have reformmated the drive and then Loaded Windows then Motherboard Drivers Graphics and Sound drivers after them

  Fullywired 22:53 01 Oct 2007

*THINK* its working, repairing the XP installation sorted it and clearing the CMOS has seemed to have improved. i have ordered a SATA hard drive and SATA DVD-RW so when i install these i will install a copy of vista and if all is well from then on then i will accept it and move on but if i have any more problems then i will have to send back the whole lot!

Thanks guys!


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