New Kindle?

  morddwyd 12:28 19 Jan 2012

Although this may really be a Helproom matter, it is more just a chat among friends!

My fourteen month old Kindle is becoming a bit temperamental (battery charging problems,).

The cost of a repair is not really a sensible spend, so do I go for a new Kindle, on spend my Christmas money on a tablet of similar size which may not be quite as functional as an e-book reader, but would offer additional facilities?

  Al94 12:46 19 Jan 2012

a) Have you checked the charger isn't the problem? b) It's only 14 months old and should have a much longer life. Hopefully you got it from Amazon, they may replace it for you.

  Kevscar1 12:47 19 Jan 2012

Buy paperbacks. battery never fails, don't break if you drop them

  morddwyd 12:56 19 Jan 2012

"Have you checked the charger isn't the problem?"


I thought the charger was built in?

"Buy paperbacks. battery never fails, don't break if you drop them"

But a decent selection for hospital takes up a lot of space!

  Quickbeam 12:56 19 Jan 2012

All these years I've used a reading lamp not knowing that paperbacks have a battery compartment.

  Al94 13:05 19 Jan 2012

No, my kindle came with a mains charger, it's certainly not built in.

  Al94 13:07 19 Jan 2012

How do you charge yours?

  canarieslover 13:35 19 Jan 2012

Try a hard reset as that is known to 'cure' some charging problems. Hold slide switch across for 30 seconds and then release. It should go through a 'rebuilding' cycle which takes some time and then put it back on charge.

  interzone55 14:27 19 Jan 2012

I wouldn't bother with a tablet, as they're not as easy on the eye when reading for long periods.

Also their fancy colour screens and background processes really use a huge amount of power, so you're unlikely to get more than 8 hours away from the charger.

How do you charge your kindle? I only got a USB lead with mine as it was a refurb unit (with full warranty), I've noticed that a charge from my home laptop takes longer, and doesn't last as long, as a charge from my partner's kindle mains plug.

It may be worth getting a mains Micro-USB phone charger from one of the profusion of phone accessory vendors on your local market...

  lotvic 14:29 19 Jan 2012

Where is this mysterious 'slide switch'?

My £89 kindle just has a press button, can't slide it, only press it.

  morddwyd 14:34 19 Jan 2012

"How do you charge yours?"

Simple micro USB cable, same way as I charge my wife's. I would have expected problems with this to show up before now, and also to affect other devices charged the same way, like tablets and phones.

"It might be worth trying someone else's, "

I've tried my wife's which makes no difference.

"Try a hard reset as that is known to 'cure' some charging problems. "

That's how I know there is a problem. Even with a battery showing a full charge (both the icon and the charging light) a "hard reset" is the only way it will switch on. When it does all settings are lost, and have to redo them all, to say nothing of having to find your place in half a dozen books, is most frustrating.

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