New ISP / broadband line... old wireless router?

  warspite014 09:28 11 May 2009


I have recently changed my ISP/broadband line and have been supplied with yet another router! However the new router is not wireless. I have tried my old wireless router and can't connect. New ISP have told me I will need to purchase a new wireless router from them as my old router will not be compatible. This doesn't sound right to me. Should I be able to use my wireless router supplied by my old ISP on my new broadband line? What do I need to do? Please prove my new ISP wrong! Thanks in advance. Andrew.

  brundle 12:23 11 May 2009

Who is your ISP? What make/model is your old router? What make/model is your new router? Are you on cable or ADSL broadband? Is it the same system you were on before you changed ISP?

  warspite014 21:38 11 May 2009

Was with Sky (ADSL broadband) with a Netgear DG834(v2) wireless router.. my new ISP is somebody called The Utilities Warehouse and have provided me with a Thomson router but it's not wireless. I have attached the LAN cable and it works fine so I know the broadband connection itself is working fine. I have tried attaching the Netgear wireless router and can't get a connection.. can't even seem to access the router?? although the "lolipop" (signal?) light is illuminated on the router... any advice and help appreciated.

  brundle 00:13 12 May 2009

Are you still on ADSL?

  mgmcc 08:38 12 May 2009

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  warspite014 07:25 13 May 2009

ok, i have now attached the wireless router with a lan cable and have accessed the netgear setup screen... not sure now what i do mow to upgrade firmware?

  mgmcc 08:55 13 May 2009

Firstly, you need to download the firmware file from Netgear's website and save it in your PC. Then, in the Router's configuration pages, there should be an option to Upgrade.

My Netgear router is a "Cable/DSL" model (as I have Virgin's cable service), but in its 'Maintenance' settings there is an "Upgrade" option in which you "Locate and Select the Upgrade File from your Hard Disk" and then click the "Upload" button. You should have a similar option.

  warspite014 09:18 22 May 2009

well, i have downloaded the said firmware and upgraded the router accordingly. i can now detect the router but cannot get internet access. IE just returns "cannot display page" error message. It's so frustrating!

  T0SH 12:14 22 May 2009

Sky broadband routers are locked to their sevice only so will not work with any other ISP service

Cheers HC

  mgmcc 13:34 22 May 2009

There are detailed instructions on Kitz's website click here for flashing the Sky router with generic Netgear firmware, so that it can be used with a different ISP.

  warspite014 15:32 25 May 2009

sorry for not responding sooner... work, kids, the wife etc etc have all been in the way!! anyhow my router is DG834G .. there is no "T" on the end! I've also had another thought... the router may be the router from AOL not SKY... does this make a difference?

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