thicasabrick 13:27 15 Jun 2006

Hi all, I've just changed my ISP from AOL to Telewest, so I now have a new e-mail address. Can anyone tell me how I get any messages sent to my OLD address (from people that dont know I've got a new address) redirected to my new e-mail address.
Thanks for any help

  Graham ® 14:23 15 Jun 2006

You may have to put this question to AOL, as your mail will be on their servers. They would have to put in place a redirect, assuming it is feasible. There will most likely be a monthly charge for the service.

  CurlyWhirly 04:33 16 Jun 2006

I am no longer with AOL but I am still able to access my old e-mail account at click here but I don't know how long this will last though.

  thicasabrick 10:57 17 Jun 2006

Thanks for all your help

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