New install XP Pro and want prev OE etc.

  Derek 16:23 21 May 2004

Because of a whole load of problems I've had to do a new install of Win XP Pro. I've managed to transfer all data in various forms from my 'ghosted' slave but I'm having trouble with Outlook Express.

How do I take a copy of my original large OE folder from Programme Files, that includes all files and addresses on the slave and transfer the lot to the new master drive.
Tried such things as drage and drop whilst have both master and slave on show and, taken a CD copy of the OE to try and install it that way.

All help would be appreciated.

  Djohn 16:38 21 May 2004

In IE, click on the file button on toolbar, choose import/export and a wizard will open. Follow the instructions to export all your data to the new drive. j.

  Djohn 16:41 21 May 2004

Same thing but click on file/export and then click on the links for address book and messages.

  Derek 17:10 22 May 2004

Your help is much appreciated and indeed I've tried your suggestions without success.
May I explain further, I have now made both HD's into Masters and after closing down each time, change the ribbon at will to raise, what I feel, should be two different systems after booting.
I now boot into my original master HD to copy the Outlook Express.
I have made copies of my Outlook Express from the original HD which houses my email folders and addresses. The entire OE folder is on a CD and well as the individual Wab file is on a floppy.
Now when I transfer and boot the other master and make an attempt to replace the copied files, both the CD and the Floppy only show what is already on this hard disc.
If I do a 'search' on both the CD and the Floppy whilst it's in the first HD, then the files are complete (as copied) but, when I switch over to the second Master HD, the files appear to be lost, or at least showing what's already on the HD.

I sincerely hope that this is understandable !!

Kindest regards Derek Miles.

  Djohn 18:02 22 May 2004

Not sure on this one. I have used the import/export to move from one drive to another but not quite the same circumstances as yourself and it has worked fine.

Yes, I understand your question and think you've explained it well, just that I don't know the answer as to why files on a CD taken from one master drive will not show on another master drive. Have a feeling that the two master's may have something to do with it though.

One of the forum members will have the answer for you though, so don't give up yet. If your post slips off page one just add a comment to it and it will come back to the top again. It's just a matter of one of the experts being on-line at the same time as your thread is on page one/two. Good luck. j.

  Derek 18:41 22 May 2004

I'll do as you say and thanks for your support.
Kind regards DM.

  pipedream 18:57 22 May 2004

Try this... from your 'working' HD with all your OE messages, open OE and choose Tools > Options > Maintenance > Store Folder - this is where your e-mails are, stored as a .dbx file for each folder you have (e.g. Inbox.dbx) - do this for each Identity if you have multiple ones. See click here for a complete run through on importing these in again - the proper way is to create a temporary identity as described on that site. I've used this method several times & it works well.

  Derek 09:43 24 May 2004

I have now solved the problem but only with your help and, Pipedream's contribution was especially helpful.
Certainly the proceedure is daunting, to me anyway but, having spent days getting nowhere, it was worth the effort. Thank you again to all.

Derek Miles.

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