New Install of XP Home, Ie.6, web page opening

  Giggle n' Bits 12:56 14 Mar 2003

just installed new/fresh on new HDD WinXP home.
When using Ie6 to open pages like ATI or Lexmark etc manufacturer pages web pages take ages to donwload.

I have read from older posts that udating with the MS windows update site security patches/updates more problems can arrise so I have not updated anything from MS win update site yet.

The Webpages only seem to get half way opened (also only half way on the green strobe at bottom of page) and seems to just stick.

My ISP Freeserve, googel etc pages are fine.

Should I do all the XP & IE6 updates to solve this problem as Iask because I know they are not reversable.

  AndySD 14:03 14 Mar 2003

click here and install java

  carvers 16:21 14 Mar 2003

I have a compaq presario laptop purchased at xmas which is loaded with windows xp and as suggested i installed sp1 and updates from ms website. i initially used aol as my isp then changed to freeserve and i had problems galore with windows hanging internet pages not loading etc. i had to do three restores to factory settings. the last one i did was not long ago but after the install i deleted all aol and freeserve files of which many were already on my system and i signed up to firenet pay as you go isp and did not install sp1 since then i have had no problems(yet). i am not at all technically minded and i am sure some would have looked upon my problems as a challenge. but all i want is to log on use emails and search the internet. this does not help you sort your problems but i have come to the conclusion that not all updates are good.

  MartinT-B 16:29 14 Mar 2003

The thought behind update is good. Making critical software changes to work 100% of the time of every combination of soft/hardware user set-up is not easy tho.

It's AOL I have a problem with - ever since my best friend had to cut his visa card up 4 months after he stopped using their service - those Direct Debits kept coming in! That was back in 1999 mind you.

I understand that AOL changes the registry values in your PC so is a NIGHTMARE to remove.

  MartinT-B 16:34 14 Mar 2003

XP tips and tricks click here - put www. in front.

TIps and tricks for most OSs

If you search through the 6 LONG pages of tips, tricks and tweaks for XP (linked on the left of their page) you will find a few notes about IE6 and either help with resolving, links to other sites with more help or links directly to to MS knowledge base.

Useful site to bookmark btw.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:58 14 Mar 2003

I later went and tried these sites again and there was no problem opening the page.

As ATI & Lexmark ar big names I can only think with the time I tried there servers were mega busy. I had no problem trying at 19.00

The MS updates & security patches saga on what & which you should & should not download is a wide open field. And also notice the AOL creeping in.

People with AOL problems would be better in removing the software as its linked with the spyware RealPlayer. Seems this type of software is ok for so long then degrades a system.

I have no bad words about Freeserve, ok if you have the BT 1571 or is it 1572 service you can get disconnected at random but a simple take the tick out in the Wait for dial tone box for settings in the Modem cures this most of the time.

Even though removing AOL in Add/remove makes you think its gone for good. It does not fully remove it. If you searched for files for AOL & American Online in My Computer you will see why.

Then if your advanced also the same in the System Registry leaves traces. But do not delete PerAOLUser or similar file from reg its a legit file group.

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