New install of XP but having major problems

  Echo1 17:28 12 Jul 2007

Back story:

So, it started a few days back. I was happily surfing the web and listening to music on my computer (like I have done since I bought it back in Sept '05) and then the bugger freezes, music still playing but nothing else. It stays that way for ages. So, I switch it off, boot back up to be given the blue scan disk screens. It finally gets through that process but again freezes....

Long story short, I reformat and install XP home again.

All seems fine at first. I get Firefox etc installed without a problem. Then I decide to reinstall some of my apps like Word. The install box vanishes before I can complete the serial code. Then, I try Open Office, same happens there, this time the install box vanishes before the program is completely installed. It wont even allow me to install I.E7 or Net Framework.

Other things like Zuma Deluxe and BeJeweled 2 fail to load (though do install). There are many other programs which do the exact same thing as all the above.

My stuff is legit, so I don't know what's going on. Can anyone help at all?

My comp specs:

Dell Dimension 3000
Pentium 2.8Hhz
Onboard: Intel Extreme Graphics 2
268mb RAM (1x256mb 1x512mb)
Windows XP Home Edition

  Echo1 17:37 12 Jul 2007

That should read 768mb of RAM. I've tried various tools and sites to look at what could be the cause but have failed to identify the problem - as yet.

  Pamy 17:37 12 Jul 2007

Iwould suggest that you download a diagnostic program from you HDD manufacturers web site and see what that has to say first

  Echo1 20:29 12 Jul 2007

Just did and the check came back fine.

  Pamy 21:28 12 Jul 2007

Therefore if HDD is fine and formatted then cannot see any reason why you cannot do a fresh install of XP, assume XP disk is clean and undamaged

  Joe R 21:31 12 Jul 2007


can you try the system with only one ram module, as it could be a memory problem.

It could also be the PSU, or Mobo.

  Echo1 21:36 12 Jul 2007

Pamy: Would a fresh install of Windows remove all my files on the HDD? Sorry for the dumb-ass question, it's been so long since I reinstalled windows without a reformat, that I've forgotten.

Joe R: I have done done just that in the past hour. Tried it with the original 256mb module. Aside from running obviously slower, nothing changed. I'm assuming it isn't a RAM problem from those results.

Thanks for all your help so far, I do appreciate it. :)

  skidzy 21:38 12 Jul 2007

As Joe R says then try Memtest.

Direct download for bootable version click here

Save the download to your desktop
Then burn to disc
Insert the disc and reboot.

  skidzy 21:41 12 Jul 2007

Check also for corrupted windows files:

Start/run and type sfc /scannow and enter
Understanding sfc click here

Also check device manager for any problems.

  Pamy 21:43 12 Jul 2007

Echo1, Yes a fresh install will remove all your files, progs. everything.

  Echo1 22:35 13 Jul 2007

Well, I reformatted the HDD (cleared removed a few small partitions that weren't meant to be there) and reinstalled XP. Everything it working the way it should, now.

Thanks for all your help.:)

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