new install have avg spybot and adaware BUT ....

  frankie 22:15 27 Jun 2004

new install have avg spybot and adaware BUT ....ON GOING TO NORMAL SITES ON SEARCH VIA GOOGLE AND VIA THE RUBBISH IT BRINGS UP sorry re caps have had two viruses reported by avg ie dropper and js something or other one changed homepage dropper one ....what else can i put on too keep these egits out,all updates re avg to what else can one do,the net these days is too hostile getting right fed up with it,

  stalion 22:20 27 Jun 2004

I think we are all getting fed up with it try this frankie click here

  frankie 22:49 27 Jun 2004

but thats from kaspersky and they just want you to buy there product,they used to have another name too

  gudgulf 23:24 27 Jun 2004

Have a read of click here and click here

Then consider downloading from click here .You will need to register (free). I have been using this in conjunction with Norton Internet Security 2004 for just over a week now and absolutely nothing has got past.

Make sure you clean your system with whatever Adware/spyware/av you like first.

Oh and use a good pop-up blocker too such as the one on the Google toolbar (more effective than the one included with NIS 2004).

  SANTOS7 00:36 28 Jun 2004

click here this will help

  hugh-265156 00:42 28 Jun 2004

if avg found the viruses then its doing its job as intended and i would keep it. why change?

  gudgulf 00:56 28 Jun 2004

Don't think anyone is suggesting a change-I think frankie is looking for additional lines of defense.It is good that AVG caught the viruses,but as far as I am aware no AV program is totally effective against Worms/Trojans ,particularly new strains--Have a look at the article in the latest PC Advisor Mag. reviewing av/firewall/antispyware software.

  hugh-265156 01:12 28 Jun 2004

sorry gudgulf i do agree but my comment was re: stalion`s posting above.

  norman47 06:59 28 Jun 2004

I also use prevx, gudgulf's link, but the log is clean.

It may be that spywareblaster,re-SANTOS7, fully enabled, is stopping most things, or I am a boring f*rt who does not visit any thing but secure sites. :-(

click here

  Stuartli 08:24 28 Jun 2004

Apart from having AVG (free), AdAware6, S and D 1.3 and SpywareBlaster, I also set First and Third Party cookies to Allow and Block (or Prompt) respectively.

As a result, every time a website tries to post a cookie on your system a panel comes up asking if you wish to allow or refuse the request.

You can choose whether to permanently allow or block all cookies from a website; those that you trust you can allow and avoid the check in the future.

As a consequence of this extra line of defence, when I run AdAware or S and D 1.3, I only get the very occasional intruder and that's quickly despatched.

If you wish to know more about Microsoft's Security aspects in Internet Explorer, there's a comprehensive roundup at:

click here

  canard 20:45 28 Jun 2004

If you are using IE5 try IE6 which has much better security and privacy options.

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