New Identity in Outlook Express

  flobby 08:34 24 Jan 2004

Hi all,
I tried to add another identity in Outlook express. BUT no success.
I use NTL as my SMTP and LINEONE as my POP3.
I have entered the correct details as I copied and pasted from my identity. I can send from my wifes but not receive.

  AndyJ 09:02 24 Jan 2004

I would suspect you've got your details in the incoming mail server Account and Password, and not your wife's.

If she's trying to log on to her account and it's different to yours of course. Also check that you've got the connection set to "Any Available".

Incidentally, why use NTL as the smtp and Lineone as the POP?

  flobby 09:41 24 Jan 2004

Hi Andy, No I have my wifes name and address in and it is set to any available.

I Have had my line one address for years and when I went to broadband with NTL. to keep the same email address I have to use them for pop3 to receive my mails ( I am pay as you go with them.which means I do not pay them anything) but as I am using NTL as my ISP I have to use them as my SMTP for sending.
Cheers, Flobby

  AndyJ 10:49 24 Jan 2004

As an aside, you don't have to have your smtp set to Lineone just because you used to use them; you can have the smtp and pop set to NTL provided that you have an account set up in OE for the Lineone account, set to look at the Lineone POP server and any connection available set i.e. use multiple accounts.

Does your wife use a Lineone account for her email or an NTL one?

  flobby 11:26 24 Jan 2004

Hi Andy,
I am only just setting her email up now, could that be the problem? I have sent a mail to me from her identity and when I received it replied using the reply tab ,But I still get no messages.
Cheers, Flobby

  AndyJ 13:40 24 Jan 2004

If she's using a NTL account then you need to authenticate on the NTL POP server, so you'll need to have her username and password set on the connections for the account. Make sure the connection is set to any available.

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