New ide H/d

  crystalineentity 16:05 03 Jul 2007

hi, i have a 60 and a 80 gb hard drives but want to purchase a 200 ide hard drive, whats the best way to copy my data from the 60 hd to the 200gb drive (i have no room to run 3 h/drives..

  Totally-braindead 16:07 03 Jul 2007

Which one is the operating system on? If its on the one you want to transfer then you will need to use Norton Ghost or Acronis Drive Image I think. Unless someone else has any ideas.

  Quiet Life 16:48 03 Jul 2007

xxclone available here is freeclick here It will clone either of your drives including the one with the operating system and also make it bootable.
You would have to disconnect the drive you are keeping connect the new drive and clone the 60gb to it. You should be able to connect the IDE cable and power supply to the new drive without having to fix it into the case. You can then substitute the newdrive in place of the 60gb drive and reconnect the 80gb harddrive

  crystalineentity 17:29 03 Jul 2007

operating system is on the 80gb....

  Quiet Life 14:00 04 Jul 2007

In that case disconnect one of your CD rom drives and connect the new drive to it and clone your 60gb drive to it.
You could of course buy a caddy and inert the new drive and connect via USB. Having then replaced your 60gb with the new drive you could use your old 60gb as an external drive. You would really need USB2 otherwise far too slow.

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