New IDE drive makes the old SATA drive very slow

  RodneyB 17:55 21 Mar 2005

I want to use an old recycled (circa 2001) 40GB IDE drive in my desktop for back-ups. My pc has a 240GB SATA RAID 0 disk and 2 CD drives connecxted to the first IDE controller. After trying various combinations, I was successful in getting the 40GB drive recognised. The setup was to connect it to the second IDE controller using the middle plug on a second ATA cable (the end plug is not connected to anything).

The problem is that my machine has now slowed down to perhaps a twentieth of its previous performance. I read somewhere that using a slow drive can cause the controller to slow down to the speed of the slowest drive. Is there a way around this?

  Rayuk 18:07 21 Mar 2005

You should plug the drive into the end of the eide cable see if that makes a difference.

  RodneyB 18:12 21 Mar 2005

When I do that the HD drive is not recognised.

  Rayuk 18:20 21 Mar 2005

Is the jumper set to master on the drive?if so why not try it on the Primary controller as master just a matter of juggling them about to find best format.

  RodneyB 18:25 21 Mar 2005

No the jumper is set to "Cable setting" I think. I'll give your suggestion a try. Thanks.

  Fingees 18:45 21 Mar 2005

Purely as a matter of interest,I have just installed a 200GB SATA drive, and re installed XP on it. I then connected my old IDE 80 GB drive to primary IDE and all works fine.

Hope you sort it out.


  Rayuk 18:47 21 Mar 2005

1 other point it is an 80pin cable you are using not 40

  Praxis99 19:08 21 Mar 2005

"I read somewhere that using a slow drive can cause the controller to slow down to the speed of the slowest drive".

This is referring to avoiding fitting a hard drive and say a CD ROM on the same IDE channel (most MB will have 2 IDE channels to which 4 devices in all can be attached) since this will slow down the hard drive since the channel will only work at the max transfer speed of the slowest component(the CD drive)which will be running at perhaps a third the transfer speed of the IDE hard drive.

In your case (and mine to incidentally) you have an SATA on it's own separate channel so it won't to slowed by its slower IDE cousin which preferably should be placed on your IDE 1 channel with your CD drives on IDE 2 (the opposite to your current configuration).

  RodneyB 05:12 22 Mar 2005

The cable is a "Dell 40P Internal IDE Cable ( Hard drive Cable ) - 9809T". I assume this is a 40 pin cable. Will this be the cause of the slowness problem?
Sorry, I gave you bad info originally. The CD drives were in fact always connected to the 2nd IDE controller. So to confirm, if I connect the 40GB HD to the primary IDE controller as master, it is not detected and the pc runs normally; connected as slave it is detected but the pc runs very slowly.
I did try connecting the CD drives to the primary IDE and the HD to the secondary as master. In this case, I receive an error message during start-up telling me the drive has a "bad status".
So in summary, I appear to have the wrong cable, and maybe a faulty HD drive.

  zarobian 07:18 22 Mar 2005

I think IDE cables are made of 40 pins. The special cabe mentioned by Rayuk has 80 wires connected to 40 pins.

  zarobian 07:19 22 Mar 2005

Though it is a ribbon cable.

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