New HP laptop slow to load sites

  bamfiesler 19:55 18 Mar 2012

New HP laptop (AMD A4 3305m cpu, 1.9Ghz) very slow to load pages. A slightly similar, older model is nice and fast. I can't figure out what's slowing it down. Task manager doesn't show anything dragging the system down. Any ideas?

  bamfiesler 20:23 18 Mar 2012

Just had a look: there're two gig of memory being used!!

  birdface 21:35 18 Mar 2012

Look in Task Manager if nothing is being used System Idle process should be showing about 97% which is normal anything else using up a lot the CPU let us know what.

You could try Device manager to see if any yellow exclamation marks on there.

Have you removed any Security programs and installed others in there place.And what security programs have you got now.

Have you the latest Flash and Java programs installed.

  bamfiesler 07:44 19 Mar 2012

I did that last night. A lot of HP security and connection manager stuff taking up memory, as is something to do with MacAfee, which I do not have on that system! One thing that says it's uninstalled is the Norton AV package, though an entry still sits in the programs list with no data attached to it.

I'm running the same stuff as on this laptop: Avast!Pro, PCTools firewall, Firefox browser. Only adds I've made are Office 2010, Adobe 6 Pro and Flash and Java, though I know theyre not up to date.

  northumbria61 08:15 19 Mar 2012

If you don't use McAfee then you need the complete removal tool to uninstall -enter link description here

  northumbria61 08:17 19 Mar 2012

To remove Norton - enter link description here

  birdface 08:18 19 Mar 2012

When I got my new computer a while back it actually had McAfee and Norton on it but it would start up with McAfee.

Maybe download the proper Removal tools from each of their sites run them and see if it makes any difference, Have you got the latest Firefox downloaded version 11.0

I notice that you have no Anti-Malware program installed.Maybe try Hitman Pro as it only takes a couple o minutes to run and gives you 4 weeks to use after registration.You dont need to register it if it does not find anything.

[A lot of HP security and connection manager] Sorry never had an HP computer so not sure what security that they have.

Is Device Manager clear and no exclamation marks.

Maybe try Ad-blocker plus on Firefox which may get it to run a bit faster.

Give clean up a run if you run any of those removal tools and maybe a defrag.

I have Automatic updates switched off as that tends to slow down the start up.

If you do not use Windows Defender go into services and disable it.

  northumbria61 08:20 19 Mar 2012

You are running Avast AV - you can only run one AV program at once otherwise you will get a conflict which it appears is happening in your case whilst McAfee and Norton are still on your computer.

  bamfiesler 08:23 19 Mar 2012

Ok, thanx guys.

Updates are alert only. Don't use Defender so will sack it and I do have Clean-up on my other machine; must install that. I can't figure out why MacAffee is in there at all!. I will try your collective suggestions at weekend when am home again.

  bamfiesler 08:25 19 Mar 2012

Oh, the HP security stuff is biometrics and tracking software.

  birdface 08:36 19 Mar 2012

Oops meant disc clean up.

[Clean up.] My computer.Right Click C Drive.Properties.Disc clean up

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