New HP Laptop to 32"hard drive ready TV

  birdface 13:31 10 Jan 2008

My Grandaughter Got a new laptop for Xmas and what money she received has went out and bought a new TV for her room.One of those hang on the wall Types hard drive ready.Now just a general question can she connect the laptop to the TV or could there be problems.If she can connect to the TV any idea of what type of connection that she will need.I am sorry but cannot supply you with any details as yet.Just a General enquiry to find out if it can be done.

  woodchip 13:35 10 Jan 2008

High Definition

  woodchip 13:39 10 Jan 2008

PS the Laptop may connect, first you need to go to Control Panel\Display Properties\Settings\Adapter change to Dual Monitor if the Laptop supports it. You also need Output to the TV best is if it as a DVI out ut think you may only have VGA or S-Video You will also need to Connect Sound from Sound out on Laptop to Sound in on TV, this would be with a 3.5mm jack to Phono plugs most lilkely

  birdface 14:20 10 Jan 2008

Hi.Many thanks for your help.She has the TV on the wall but no connection yet.I dont know if she is getting freeview or not.But she will still be able to use her Laptop with it just now.I will keep your details and try them when I visit her next.Sound to sound.Is that the three seperate ones yellow white and red.Is that what you mean.I don't want to blow the computer and TV up at the one time.Once I find out what output connector that she needs where can we get one from and can you get them different lenghts.As you can see I really don't know what I am talking about.But I think it is the connection from the computer to the TV that will give her a picture.

  wjrt 15:07 10 Jan 2008
  eshroom 15:11 10 Jan 2008

Since the laptop is so new, it most probably will connect no problems.

Take it to a PC shop so they know the exact connection is needs and they will give you the appropriate cables.

  eshroom 15:14 10 Jan 2008

I stress take it to a PC shop as different laptops may have different connections.

Any single PC to TV cable will not work with all laptops.

  birdface 15:37 10 Jan 2008

One last question.Is it only one lot of cables that does the picture and the sound.You don't need seperate cables.And to be in the safe side I will take the laptop with me.But will have to wait till she shifts her room round about so I know what length of cable that she needs.Thank you everyone for your help.Will leave this open untill to-morrow just in case anyone else has any other information that will help.But so far looks quite easy and I think with the advice given I should manage it all right. Thanks.

  woodchip 18:15 10 Jan 2008

You need the cable that connects the Video and one that connects sound two in all. Sorry cannt stop I am just off out. the colours ar Phon connectores

  birdface 18:20 10 Jan 2008

Ok.Thanks for that.No doubt computer shop will keep us right.

  BRYNIT 20:29 10 Jan 2008

Also take the instruction book for the TV this will help in sellecting the correct cables.

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