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  scouser 10:49 28 Oct 2006

Since reformatting my hard-disc on my mesh computer and trying to get into Hotmail I seem unable to do so (I am writing this on a different machine using Windows ME.) It runs Windows XP Home Edition but when I try and get to the site the computer just hangs and eventually 'Page Cannot Be displayed' notice comes up. Once ot twice, when I did get to the site, I could not get my messages as the progress wheel just keeps spinning and nothing happens.
Has anyone experienced anything similar and found a cure? 12:04 28 Oct 2006

for a few days. Had no trouble so far, apart from a slight delay when loading.

  birdface 12:31 28 Oct 2006

Possible cookie problem.Some anti-virus and spyware programs,Delete cookies,And if its one you need, you cant access that program,Always seems to be one page that cannot be opened, I could not get on here for 24 hrs, Same fault.Others cannot get there main home page ect.Dont know if this is your problem,But worth checking to see if it has been dissalowed on any of you spyware A/virus or Firewall Programs.

  birdface 12:48 28 Oct 2006

I double clicked the Privacy report Button on the Status bar,Went into settings, Advanced,I blocked 1st party cookies And 3rd party cookies,then pressed ok. Got fed up with popup boxes wanting to whether to accept or decline programs for running, So went back And accepted First party cookies but still block 3rd party cookies, This seemed to have worked as I am able to get back on here now, But if this was the wrong thing to do ,someone will soon tell us,Worth a try,

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