New Host Recommendations + Domain Name Transfer?

  fourjays 12:01 04 Dec 2004

I am going to change my website host, due to reasons specified here: click here

I want to know:

a) How can I transfer the domain name to the new host when I find one?

b) Can anyone reecommend any good, solid, non-reseller web hosts, that meet the following minimum requirements:

- 100Mb Disk Space
- 3Gb Bandwidth
- MySql databases
- php
- Support for multiple domains/websites on one account.
- Discussion Board & ecommerce software built into the account.
- Preferably on a pay monthly basis, rather than 'pay it all now' basis.

I remember looking at some of the Lycos packages, but I am not sure how good they are.


  fourjays 12:10 04 Dec 2004

I also need to be able to place my adverts on it, such as the goodle ads. I need to re-coop the money I spend somehow (the website is for a free organisation. :(

  Forum Editor 12:33 04 Dec 2004

will provide some of the facilities you want, but not many will provide all of them - certainly not the built-in e-commerce and discussion board facilities. Bandwidth limits are also variable, and you'll probably need to compromise somewhere along the line.

I have used
click here for many years for hosting sites for my corporate clients. This company is a thoroughly professional, but small web host, and can offer you various packages for commercial hosting.

I also have hosting packages with
click here and
click here

As with most things in life, you get what you pay for in web hosting, and very cheap packages rarely turn out to be the best in the long run.

As for transferring the domain name - the theory is pretty straightforward. Once you have settled on your new host you send a fax to the old host asking them to retag the name to the new host's name servers (it's normal to provide details of both a primary and secondary name server). Sometimes the new host will follow up with a request for the retag sent direct to the old host. Once the name has been retagged it will take up to 24 hours before a site becomes active on the new location - this is to allow the Domanin Name Servers (DNS) artound the world to propagate their databases with the name's new location.

In practice there can be problems - some hosts take forever to retag the name, and require several reminders. In some cases 'outgoing' hosts make a charge for doing the job, so make sure you find out about this in advance.

  Forum Editor 12:35 04 Dec 2004

I'm working in a bit of a rush at the moment.

Excuses, excuses......

  fourjays 12:38 04 Dec 2004

They don't have one. The phone line is disconnected, they don't respond to emails, and paypal can do nothing about the money. How the hell am I going to get my domains now?

It appears this has been done to alot of people by

Im doomed. :'(

  fourjays 12:43 04 Dec 2004 is a reseller (I discovered - they claimed they had their own servers, etc). Is it likely some other company is in charge of the domains? Is there anyway I can change them so they direct to the new site?

It seems PR have been out-of-contact since October, with alot of people so I am doubting whether they will ever be in contact.

  fourjays 13:07 04 Dec 2004

IS this like a whole server for me?

How hard would it be to manage? (Ie: install php, cgi, etc)

Could it be used as a games server too, and how hard is it to set it up for that?

  fourjays 22:31 04 Dec 2004

I talked to a person via chat!

And he said he would have to forward it to the admin department, and they should let me know on Monday as to whther my domain names can be transfered by them to my new host (when I find one).

Fasthosts looks good, but I have a query (in case anyone knows). Can I host multiple websites with them? (I have 2 websites).

  DoctorButcher 09:48 05 Dec 2004

click here

All my sites are hosted by them. I've found them to be extremely reliable with almost no server downtime and their technical support is very quick to respond to any queries. They'e not the cheapest, but you only get what you pay for IMO.

I'm not sure about domain transfers as i've registered all my domains through them.

Their 'live chat' operators will be able to answer any questions you have :)

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