New HHD size

  shortcircuit 00:12 18 Dec 2003

Hi guys.

I wonder if anyone can help'
I fitted a new 120GB seagate drive to my system last night using Disk Wizard.
I set it to transfer my old HHD info to my new disk as boot up and keep my old as extra space.
After it did this, it now shows my 120GB as only 111GB and my 40GB seagate as 31GB. Why is this. I understand loosing a small amount but not 18GB!! Please help me.

Also. I now get a warning Dll file missing on bootup, It does not seem to cause any concern, but would like to resolve it but can't type it into a search engine as do not know how to do a small horizontal squiggle with my keyboard.

Anyone know how?


  hugh-265156 00:32 18 Dec 2003

small horizontal squiggle? does it look like "~" its called tidle i think and is shift + hash(#) key.

you normally get the tidle pointing to a long file name over so many characters like documents and settings

.dll files are normally just "example.dll" for instance.what is the dll file called?

you could try if its xp clicking start/run and typing "sfc /scannow" (space after sfc and before /) if 98/me/etc i think its just "sfc"

insert your windows disc when prompted to restore missing dll or system files.

hard disks are never the capacity advertised as there are 1024kb in a MB but most manufacturers use 1000= 1x MB for some strange reason i that case 120GB advertised is actually only 117.1875 maths are not very good so i may be wrong but your does seem a lot less??

  shortcircuit 00:36 18 Dec 2003

Thanks Huggy.

The missing file is c:\progra~1\newdot~1\newdot~2.dll.. I have checked my HHD and they are definitely only showing that amount!

  hugh-265156 00:50 18 Dec 2003

add/remove programs i think should sort it.

click here. and click here for info and removal instructions.

  hugh-265156 00:57 18 Dec 2003

ps.after you do the above try downloading,installing,updating and running adaware,spybot search & destroy and spywareblaster to keep the nasties at bay in future.remove anything they find,quite safe.

all complement each other well and are free click here click here click here.

  shortcircuit 00:58 18 Dec 2003

Thanks Huggy.
Fixed the Dll problem.
Will have to run Spybot next.

Still no joy with HHD size tho.

  Djohn 01:04 18 Dec 2003

Found this little equation. Don't know how accurate the figures are but seams to suggest that your readings are correct. j.


120gb hdd you lose 9 gb to the numebrs game

1024(1k)*1024(1m)*1024(1g)=1,073,741,824(one true gb)

1,073,741,824*120(size of drive, 120 gb)=128,849,018,880 (appx 129gb)

so in using 120,000,000,000 bytes as the basis for a 120gb hard drive, the customer is ripped off by 9 gb: in other words on a 120gb hd the computer only reads 111gb.

  Djohn 01:07 18 Dec 2003

Although this looks correct for the larger drive, 4GB loss would seem more reasonable for the 40GB drive?

  hugh-265156 01:41 18 Dec 2003

my 40 gig drive is recognised by windows xp as 37.2 gigs.

  Djohn 01:54 18 Dec 2003

You've prompted my memory there! My 40gb was 36.8 So although shortcircuit's 120gb drive seams to be correct, the 40gb doesn't seem right.

  shortcircuit 05:51 18 Dec 2003

Thanks Djohn.

It only went to 31.4Gb after I formatted it in Xp. It is obviously NTFS. It showed as 37.4GB prior to reformatting. Did I do it right? I just right clicked and remormatted! I will try again.

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