New Here & mouse prob!

  gazmix 18:11 08 Jun 2006

I am glad to have found you all as i need help with my mouse!
I run XP Pro & Firefox.
Recently, my mouse has started to freeze or just dissapear & i have to replug it in once or twice before it works again.
This happens mostly when i leave the pc for a while.
When i replug in the mouse, i get the dropdowns at the top (file, edit, view or tools) & if i'm offline & just on my desktop, it will be as if i've right clicked on my taskbar or the screen.
It is a ps2 mouse, it has been ok for ages.
Could it be a bad connection & new mouse needed.
I've run Spybot, adaware & avg.
Hope someone can help



  Forum Editor 18:17 08 Jun 2006

has this problem at one point or another, and a new mouse often does the trick. There are many possible causes, but to be honest it's often less stressful just to cut your losses and buy a new mouse - thet're pretty cheap after all.

Before you do that, try a different mouse if you can get your hands on one - just to see what happens.

Your new mouse will almost certainly have a USB connector by the way.

  gazmix 18:24 08 Jun 2006

USB i dunno what that looks like, does it have a different entrance into the back, like the ones with 2 screws??

  Totally-braindead 18:29 08 Jun 2006

Theres no screws it just plugs in, it looks like this click here second picture down.

  €dstowe 18:37 08 Jun 2006

Be careful plugging and uplugging into a live PS2 port. Connections to all ports except USB and Firewire should be done when powered down. There is a danger of blowing (non-repairable) motherboard fuses by hotplugging.

  gazmix 18:50 08 Jun 2006

mmm, am worried now, all my sockets on my pc are nothing like the one you showed (round), except a fiew that look like you would plug your walkman earphones into.
The rest are rectangular (longer on top than bottom) & different colours.
The only sockets anything like the one in the pic you showed, are the ps2 & keyboard sockets! I'll try another mouse, but this one has been tested on other pc's & seemed ok, it's ok now, just in like an hour it may go bonkers!

  Totally-braindead 19:13 08 Jun 2006

You can still get PS2 mice its just most of them tend to be USB but then quite a few of them do come with a USB to PS2 adaptor in which case you can use either.
It might not be the mouse, it could be something else which is why I think the FE suggested trying to borrow another one and see what happens. If the new mouse works then fine, problem solved, if not them it would be time to look at other possabilities.

  wolfie3000 20:25 08 Jun 2006

If you are worried about wether you have a usb socket heres what you should be looking for most pcs have more than one on the back and possibly a few at the front too.

click here

  gazmix 20:25 08 Jun 2006

Yes i will try a new mouse.
I just leaft my pc for an hour, but kept this page & disconnected & when i got back to re-connect, my mouse pointer was gone!
So i had to replug the mouse & the file , edit, stuff was there again.
I've been doing this for a week or now since started as i couold just unplug & start again!
Is there a serious mother board risk!??.
Would this mean all my documents & things i've saved be evaporated!
Stuff for college!, just over a mouse!

  Totally-braindead 20:55 08 Jun 2006

If you have a cdwriter on your computer I suggest you backup all of your documents if you haven't done so. Computers do break, the hard drive could fail, many things could happen. It is important to backup anything you cannot afford to lose.
I'm not seeking to panic you, there are other things you can do, buy a USB mouse or if you have no USB ports buy a USB card to give you ports and a USB mouse. I just think its important to have a backup of things like college work.

  Totally-braindead 20:57 08 Jun 2006

The information on your hard drive would not be lost. In the worse case scenario you could remove the hard drive from your computer, plug it into another computer and get the files off the hard drive. But you should have a backup.

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