New HD..PC so slow !

  hawthorn59 04:12 14 Sep 2004

Hi. I've just installed a new 40Gig HD, but find the pc is running very slowly, or at least the internet is.

It's a new-ish PC; P4 2.8, 512 Ram etc.
But for some reason it is just running very slowly now. I have hardly any programmes installed on it yet. Pages take 60-90 seconds or more to load.

One thing I do notice in Windows Task manager is that the CPU usage is at 100% all the time.

Before you ask, I have nothing new installed other than the HD! In fact havent even installed Norton, MS Works or anything else yet.



  Diodorus Siculus 08:06 14 Sep 2004

As nothing has been loaded, you have nothing to lose (except time) by formatting and reinstalling Windows again...

The fact that pages load slowly is unlikely to be related to CPU usage being at 100%. That may be indicative of a poorly written driver, spyware, possible virus (you have been on the net) and so forth.

Check the device manager for any possible conflicts.

  hawthorn59 23:27 14 Sep 2004

Two things to report tonight.

1 When I turned on the pc the following opened up in the form of a web page:

c:\open.html - Microsoft Internet Explorer

2 Immediately the cpu usage is 100%. Under processes, here are the figures I found ( I presume percentages ??) :

System varied between 0-2
svchost.exe (User: Network Service) " " 05-19
taskmgr.exe " " 02
xwinrpc.32.exe " " 81--92

So whatever that is it seems to be the culprit.

Also, when I installed the HD and then XP, I had to install the drivers and devices from the blue CD (this is a dell pc). In device manager I found 4 or 5 items with the big yellow question mark. Some of these I had to install from the Dell cd (graphics, modem etc). they had to be clicked on, extracted and installed from the Dell cd. I may have extracted and installed something I shouldnt have, I dont know. The sound card I installed from the soundblaster cd. I dont know if this is relevant or not.

Perhaps I should just reformat the drive. Everything is slow, I click on links and cannot find server come up, I refresh and the page loads ok. Its all very messy!

Even as I write, I have checked Task Manager and CPU usage is suddenly around 4%--5% !
And xwinrpc.32.exe is at 00 !! Whats going on...!? BTW, its still running slow esp on internet.


  Jak_1 00:54 15 Sep 2004

Have you checked for spyware and Trojans? Both of these can highjack cpu usage the latter moreso.

Maybe a clean re-install would be the answer and run a program such as regprot to protect your registry from unwanted intrusion. I take it that you are running antivirus as standard and using a firewall!

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