New hdd now 98 only safe booting

  1st RHA 16:07 04 Feb 2004

installed 2nd hdd in a mates pc and now windows would not boot all the way except in safe mode, wiff sfc in safe mode cure this? or should i install a new os in new hdd and try and fix via that? got xp and 98 available.
athalon 600ish ram 128mb? both hdd 6gb boot drive very full loads of downloads, even failed trying to run system clean up 100mb rubbish there.

  1st RHA 16:08 04 Feb 2004

got partition magic 8 on disc but having trouble with that too not on floppy

  [email protected] 16:22 04 Feb 2004

IF size of 2nd HDD is greater than 1st make this the master & install XP OS with the other HDD as slave then you can move some of the overful programs onto this HDD to releive internal stress. Your current HDD is full & has no room to move which is why you can only start in safemode
XP needs quite a number of Gigs to install & by the sound of it you will be taking 10G for all of your programs as well

  1st RHA 16:26 04 Feb 2004

had 98 but no joy with that, think cleanup and sfc in safe mode will help? freezes 3/4 way into loading but loads in safe mode so boot info must be ok thought maybe lost a startup/driverfile

  1st RHA 16:33 04 Feb 2004

this pc from pcworld and needs a password to get into bios, any suggestions?

  [email protected] 16:35 04 Feb 2004

you can try repair available on XP to use but it is a long time since I used 98. Any of my grandchildrens PCs I sometimes sort out is always because they fill it with music etc leaving no room for OS to work. I normally fit a 20G HDD gives me a lot more time before they fill it & I upgrade them to XP saves a lot of mistakes being made by them cleanup & defrag can help. XP needs defrag regular about 1 per month 98 is not so easy to defrag but it will slowly

  [email protected] 16:36 04 Feb 2004

contact pcworld for the password if you are still in 98 XP does allow you to change but you need to know the original password 1st before you can continue

  1st RHA 16:38 04 Feb 2004

need to seriously remove lots of rubbish this has loads of downloads etc, both hdd same size, don't wanna remove main hdd to install on second as will lose boot info on bios, and can't load anything until I can booy properly into 1st os

  Gongoozler 16:42 04 Feb 2004

1st RHA, if the pc requires a password to get into BIOS, then you need to reset the CMOS. You can either do this by moving the motherboard link to the reset position or by removing the battery for a minute or so.

Failure of Windows 98 to boot except in safe mode usually means that a system file or a driver is corrupt. Start - Run - SFC might help.

  1st RHA 16:44 04 Feb 2004

thats my thoughts, going now to try it wish me luck!!!!
any other thoughts gratefully received as I may need more input.....

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