New HDD, New XP Pro Set up

  rawprawn 08:53 14 Feb 2005

I want to start from scratch this week loading XP Pro onto a new (Formatted HDD now used as slave) If I take out my old C: drive and put the new one as master, load the CD can I just get straight to setup. In other words will it show something like "Press any key to boot from cd" I have reinstalled my XP Home before but it was from a recovery disc and I want to be certain of what I am doing.

  Jeffers22 08:55 14 Feb 2005

Yep. Just did that myself on Sat morning.

  Jeffers22 08:56 14 Feb 2005

Providing boot from CD is set as an option in the bios.

  rawprawn 09:00 14 Feb 2005

Thanks to both of you, I just wanted to be sure.

  ventanas 09:06 14 Feb 2005

Morning Dennis, you will first need to setup and format the new disc, if you have not already done so. There should be some software available from the manufacturer to do this quickly. You can install both drives. Set the new one to master and the old to slave, if this is what you want.

What does concern me is that you say you have a "recovery disc." Is this just a ghosted image or a full XP disc? Either way, if it is the disc supplied with your computer there is a chance it will not install to the new hard drive. I had this problem when I changed to a bigger drive and installed the old one as slave. The recovery disc would not work as it could not find the hidden files. I had no choice but to buy a retail upgrade copy of XP. This was possible because I still had my old (retail) Win98 disc.

  rawprawn 09:20 14 Feb 2005

Morning to you John thanks for the email. I am still trying to set the new HDD I got last week as master and my old one as slave. After all the problems I had last week (My original XP version was supplied by Dell and I had the problem you describe) I am going to buy a retail XP Pro this week and take out the old HDD completely until I can get the new one up and running. I then intend to put the old one back as slave and copy all my files accross before formatting the old one. At the moment the new HDD is set as slave which I have formatted and put a few backup files on it. I thought that the New XP setup would give me the opportunity to format during set up.

  ventanas 09:43 14 Feb 2005

Probably a good idea to remove the old one. It will avoid any "confusion." Replace the new one as master, and boot from your shiny new CD. You might need to check that you have all required drivers for your hardware, as these would have been on your recovery disc. XP should load something that will work, but its still a good idea to have the proper ones.

To setup XP Pro:

Ensure that the computer is set to boot from CD before the hard drive.
Enter the Bios (press Del on boot up) and make any necessary changes.

When computer starts press any key to boot from CD when prompted at bottom of screen
Windows Setup will appear on a blue screen. Allow to run as files load at bottom of screen.
When prompted press enter to set up Windows XP. Press F8 to accept agreement.
Press Esc to install a fresh copy of Windows as per the prompt.
From options at bottom of screen press D to delete the partition and return to confirm.
Press L to activate the deletion.

At the next screen press C to create a new partition. Accept the default size.
Press enter to set up Windows XP
Choose the format using full NTFS (Sit back and wait.
Sep up will copy installation files and then will initialize and computer will restart
Ignore the prompt to boot from CD
XP will install

At the prompt change settings to English (United Kingdom). Also change location to UK.
On the same prompt change Language and Keyboard settings to UK

At the next prompt enter name as will be used for the computer and company. Enter product key from sleeve of new CD (not the old one)
Enter computer name and administrator password.

Check date and time and time zone. Change if necessary.

At the next prompt accept Typical Network Settings.

You will then be asked to join the computer to the domain, or leave on Workgroup.

At the next prompt enter administrator password.
Installation will proceed.

When finished computer will restart (again ignore prompt to boot from CD)
(The CD can be removed when restart complete)

When prompted add the user to the computer
Restart will finalise and the computer is ready.

You can then set the old drive to slave, and put it back.

Good luck. If you need anything else you know where I am.

  rawprawn 09:50 14 Feb 2005

Thanks John just one question, all the drivers are listed in my current windows C: drive I assume I can just transfer them over after setup.
Thanks for your help I will print out your instructions.

  ventanas 12:17 14 Feb 2005

Sorry for the delay Dennis. I think you will probably have to reinstall anything that doesn't seem to work as it should. In my case it was only the nVidia graphics drivers. Everything else was ok. Certainly all peripherals will have to be reinstalled.

  rawprawn 12:30 14 Feb 2005

Thanks, will do it probably Wednesday or Thursday.

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