New HD for A sony Vaio

  Johnnn 23:24 31 May 2008

Got a Sony Vaio PCG 6P2M and the hard drive has failed. I want to replace it but can't find any information on this lap top that tells me how to go about it. Any help about achieving this process would be very helpful.

  sean-278262 23:48 31 May 2008

If the machine is still in warranty get Sony to do it, I however suspect it is not in warranty.

If you have the manuals check there to find the specifications of the drive already present. You wont want to replace it with a slower drive or smaller capacity etc.

Most laptops with screens under 16inch use standard 2.5inch hard drives. These are mounted in a "caddy" which is unique to the laptop in question. Almost all laptops have their drive located in a dedicated place on the underside
click here
This advent is such an example.

Some however also located the screw on the bottom with the drive pulling out the side like the DVD/CD tray.
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Such as this dell, sony also have been known to do this too.

Overall the replacement works like this
1. Undo screw
2. remove cover
3. unscrew drive caddy screws (if present)
4. lift the drive up and away from the connector
5. remove any connection cables
6. repeat 1-5 in reverse order to replace with the new drive.


  sean-278262 23:55 31 May 2008

Also make note if it is a SATA drive (unlikely on an older model) or an IDE drive

you can purchase IDE drives at these places
click here

And you can purchase SATA drives at these places
click here

If however your laptop uses 3.5inch drives (highly unlikely but I cannot find specs on the machine you say you have) then these are the drives to look at

IDE 3.5inch here
click here

and SATA 3.5inch here
click here

Another store to consider is DABs for 2.5inch
click here
and 3.5inch
click here

Finally if it is a 3.5inch laptop please feel free to consider the option of a converter kit that will allow the mounting of a much lighter 2.5 drives. This can be very useful when the machine is moved around a lot.

And on a PPS note make sure to find out the depth of the drive as there are several thicknesses however in a lot of cases the thicker size is the one of choice.

A - sorry for the 2 posts but I wanted to make sure I didnt hit the character limitations.

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