New HD - need partition WinXP home

  swapper 22:33 31 Mar 2004

WinXp Home edition.
My original HD is 40gig
I have just had a second HD 120gig installed and want to Partition it.
I want to keep the 40g as C drive, the 120 I want to partion and install win98.
Within XP I went to Computer Management, Disk Management,Storage, Disk management and that is where I have stopped.
I printed of the instructions wizard o.k. but at Disk management the instructions say "Right click an unallocated region of a basic disk, and then click partition" , but this does not happen when I right click!
Any suggestion (not too complicated please :-)

  temp003 02:25 01 Apr 2004

In Disk Management, right click the left where it says Disk1 and see if there's an option to initialise the hard disk. If so, select it, then you should be able to create partitions.

But before you go further, note that XP cannot format a FAT32 partition larger than 32GB. If you need a FAT32 partition larger than that, use a 98 floppy to restart and use fdisk to create the partition and format it first. XP can work with such a partition, it just can't format it in FAT32.

If you're going to try and keep XP as C, but also want to install 98 to the slave, presumably you're going to use a third party boot manager?

  swapper 07:24 01 Apr 2004

Thanks Temp003.
I have done that, right clicked on Disk 1 (Basic 111.78GB btw) but just get "Help" and "Properties".
Within "Help" I looked for Initialise but there was nothing.
Thanks for the FAT 32 info, I did not know that (I know nothing :-))

>>If you're going to try and keep XP as C, but also want to install 98 to the slave, presumably you're going to use a third party boot manager?

CEH? :-)

  swapper 07:55 01 Apr 2004


  Diodorus Siculus 07:59 01 Apr 2004

>>If you're going to try and keep XP as C, but also want to install 98 to the slave, presumably you're going to use a third party boot manager?

It is not easy to install an older OS after a newer one: best to do it in the order in which they were released. Are you in a position to remove XP and then install 98 first, followed by XP? If not, there is a guide by flecc on these pages for how to install win98 after XP.

  temp003 12:02 01 Apr 2004

As Diodorus says, you can't just install 98 with XP already there. You won't get a dual boot. There are also things you need to be aware of if you want to keep XP as the primary hdd from which the computer normally boots up.

I don't know why XP Disk Management can't "manage" your disk. It shows the right disk size, so there should be no problem with your BIOS. It may be that there is already a single partition, and you need to delete it first and then re-create the partitions you want.

But since you're going to install 98 on the new disk, you might want to skip Disk Management altogether.

Download and create a 98 boot floppy from click here.

Turn off computer. Disconnect XP hdd and set new hdd as master (for the time being). Please make sure you do that.

Insert 98 floppy and restart computer. Choose start 98 without CDROM support. At the A:\> prompt, type


and press Enter. Say yes to large disk support.

If there is an existing partition, delete the partition. Then choose to create primary partition. Set the size of the partition. Exit fdisk. Back at the A:\> prompt, turn off computer.

Restart computer, this time start with CDROM support. Enter fdisk, say yes to large disk support. Check the partition you have created. If it shows correctly, exit fdisk. Back at the A prompt, format the partition and install 98 as usual.

After installing 98 and having done what you need to do there, turn off computer.

Reconnect the XP hdd, set it as master and the 98 hdd as slave.

Start computer. It should boot from the primary master (i.e. XP hdd) and load XP.

Once in XP, insert another floppy, right click Drive A and select Format. Click Start and do not tick any of the option boxes. After formatting the floppy, copy from C (the XP partition) the files ntldr, and boot.ini to the floppy. Remove and label floppy as XP boot floppy.

Then download a free boot manager OSL2000 from click here Unzip the download and read the Readme.htm file first. Make sure you read the known compatibility issues section (things like MaxBlast, OnTrack, RAID).

Then install OSL2000 in XP. When you get the chance to prepare an uninstall disk, do so. Follow the prompts. It will create a boot menu for you to choose from when the computer starts.

If the boot manager works, further partition the remainder of the 98 hdd as you like (use FAT32 if you want 98 to see them).

  swapper 15:14 01 Apr 2004


Diodorus Siculus

Thank you very much for all the effort that you have put into your responses.

I now wonder if I am going to do the right thing?

My PC is running with XP excellently, I bought the second HD to use as a backup for my sons video camera (I think).
As I have lots of space I thought I would pinch a little and put Win98 on the second drive, in a partition, only so that I could put some games on it for my Grandchildren to play with.
The games that I have will not run with XP despite the compatability options on XP.

I have also looked at the siting of the new HD
which is in a five inch bay, and it is a £$%^&* to get at to change from Slave to Master etc.

I am going to have a rethink on this? is it worth it I say to myself, and I can imajin what both of you are thinking :-)))

  Diodorus Siculus 15:19 01 Apr 2004

swapper - I find it very useful to have Win98 and Win2k dual booting; only I went about it the opposite way (98 first, then 2K).

I think that in your case, you will have some difficulties though; if you are up to the challenge, I would suggest you install the new disk and format as required.

Then remove xp and install 98 followed by a custom install of XP which will put it to work together with 98.

  medicine hat 16:14 01 Apr 2004

Just a quick note in case it is appropriate - Win 98 will get stroppy if your system has more than 512MB memory

  swapper 18:34 01 Apr 2004

Life is not easy :-))

I shall return!!

  swapper 18:46 01 Apr 2004

<<<if you are up to the challenge,

BTW Diodorus Siculus, I love a challenge, thats how come I have been married 45 years this month, but don't tell 'er :-))

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