New Hardware Found...again and again and again !!!

  OCS lover 18:40 25 Oct 2004

Hi all,
I have a problem that keeps occurring every time i start my computer and log on. It keeps going into the 'Found New Hardware' wizard looking for a Bluetooth dongle i have attached to one (or any) of my USB2 ports. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing but it doesn't seem to solve the problem. It also happens when i log on as a different person too.

My comp is a Dell Dimension 2400 about 4 months old with win XP home and service pack 2.

I also use it on my old computer without any problem. P3 700 Dell with win 98 SE.

Any suggestions from you guys?

Thanks in advance,

Robby B

  OCS lover 21:11 26 Oct 2004


  alan227 21:17 26 Oct 2004

Have you checked in device manager to see if there are any yellow marks against the bluetooth entry?.

  OCS lover 21:45 26 Oct 2004

No yellow marks at all. 'Device is working properly' is displayed.

  alan227 21:53 26 Oct 2004

Did this happen before you installed SP2 ?.

  OCS lover 21:54 26 Oct 2004

yes. definately.

  gold 47 22:00 26 Oct 2004

Try this go to device manager click on the device
that is causing the problem then update driver and choose install from list or specitic location,
check don't search,click next DON'T click on have disk just click next the computer should start loading the driver.
This action is a shot in the dark so can't say if it will solve your problem.

  OCS lover 22:06 26 Oct 2004

Cheers, Alan

OK gold, will try tomorrow. struggling to stay awake. will post results tomorrow. got to be up at 4.30

  OCS lover 20:58 27 Oct 2004

Now when i go into 'Device Manager' i have, under 'Ports(COM & LPT)' approximately 34, yes 34 'Bluetooth Communications Ports' ranging from COM7 to COM40, an ECP Printer Port(LPT1) and one 'Unknown Device'.

Oops !!

Any ideas?

  First Bass 00:14 28 Oct 2004

I had this problem with a Saitek device (Wheel)once.
I stopped the unwanted "Found New Hardware" message after using the "Add/Remove Hardware" option from the control Panel instead of performing an uninstall. I later re-installed the drivers etc without the message repeating.

  keith-236785 10:30 28 Oct 2004

first of all, do you have Cubase installed?

cubase asks for a dongle to be installed repeatedly until you actually do install one.

on winxp, after trying to install the drivers and failing several times, you should be able to choose NOT to try to find this item again automatically. (at least on winxp Pro you do)

look in the device manager under USB Controllers for the dongle.

as First Bass says, once you have disabled the auto detect you shouldnt get the message again.

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