New harddrive in compaq evo wont boot up.

  headaches 17:00 25 Jan 2008


I hope someone can help me please, if parts of this does not make sense sorry!

My computer has been crashing non-stop lately and after testing everything i.e. graphics card etc I am convinced it is my motherboard.

A friend has given me a Compaq Evo computer that works fine except that the hard drive is only 20 gig so I have tried to put in my own hard drive but it won't boot up

It starts to boot up, and it acknowledges that the hard drive has been changed and the screen comes up with the compaq logo then the screen goes black with a flashing _ in the top left hand corner and nothing else happens.

I have tried a couple of old hard drives in it as well and it won't accept these either but when I put the original hard drive in a boots up with no problem

Any ideas on what I should be doing please

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:44 25 Jan 2008

I have tried to put in my own hard drive but it won't boot up

The drivers in windows will be for your machine and will not work on the COmpaq. You can use your drive as a "Slave" drive so you can access the documents pics etc. but you will not be able to use the progarams installed.

  BUSYLISSE 01:07 15 Feb 2008

get a new hd cable probably what was causeing you to crash all along.

  Totally-braindead 12:21 15 Feb 2008

I agree with Fruit Bat, if you have just taken a hard drive off another PC and installed it on another computer with Windows already installed which I assume is what you have done then it won't work. It can't be the cable as it works with the old drive.

If you put the new drive in as a slave as he suggests and then format it then it should work no problem at all. And you could then delete any programs on your original drive, as long as you have the disks, and then reinstall them on the new drive instead clearing up space on your original drive. As Fruit Bat says if theres info on the drive you add then you can access them first and save documents etc but the programs installed on it won't work properly as parts of it will be in different places from where they were originally because the drive you added was originally the C drive and will now be something else such as the E drive or whatever.

Fruit Bats solution is the easiest.

  Jollyjohn 09:58 17 Feb 2008

Another reason the new hdd may not work is that Compaq used to have a hidden partition on thier drives that held bios setup info. That is why you get to a flashing _ . Your best bet is to install your hdd as a slave in order to retrieve any info on it.

  bx26944 11:26 14 Mar 2008

Try to use "cable select" on both hard drives.
Or you could install the new HD as "slave" instead of the second CD-Rom. Then you need to mount it your own way! Or use a very long cable.
Good luck.

  ambra4 12:17 14 Mar 2008

You need the Compaq Diagnostics and Set Up diskettes

That will load the diagnostics and set-up program to the hard drive before you can format

and install a OS on the new hard drive.

click here

And just follow the instructions on how to install a new hard drive to a Compaq computer

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