A new Harddrive.

  jack 14:29 28 May 2007

I keep a lot of stuff on hard drives- because of the unreliability of burned disks[they 'fade' over time.]
These drives are in the main savaged items of varying in sizes,

I have two in a caddies and to save dismounting them from a caddy when I need to access another I got my self an IDE/USB cable and power supply. that's all OK.
Yesterday- with a rush of blood to the head whilst a the computer fair I splashed out on a NEW 250 Gig drive initially thinking- put all the stored stuff on there. So it is formatted and the first installments are on.
But then I thought - wait a mo., this new drive is 6 times the size of the primary in the computer
So swap- a 250 gig primary Wow!
So how do I go about doing a clean swap?
Simply copy 'C' drive to the new one and job done
then screw it into the case. - that simple-is it?

  Technotiger 14:44 28 May 2007

Hi, depends - does your OS support a 250Gb drive?

  Technotiger 14:45 28 May 2007

If your sytem does support the bigger drive, you will need Acronis True Image to make a Clone of your original drive which can then be installed onto the 250Gb drive.

  Gongoozler 14:49 28 May 2007

My preference is to keep the operating system and programs on a smaller drive (such as your old 40G drive) and all the saved files on a second larger drive (such as your 250G drive). Unless you have installed a lot of games, I doubt that your old drive will get more than half full, and if your Windows installation ever gets corrupted your data will be safe on the 250 G drive.

  jack 16:52 28 May 2007

Well Thank you both.
Stuff to think about.
I do have an 'Acronis Image' made a few weeks ago, from a 'trial' download so that is reasonably up to date.
So should have go that's that the way then.
My philosophy has always been to 'Keep it Simple' and you are right Gongoozeler. The exiting primary contain little more than system and current files.
Although when I back up I back 'manually' transferring files to folder rather than using a 'fancy' program

Hm keep thinkimg about it - that half the fun isn't it?

  Strawballs 16:58 28 May 2007

I'm with Gongoozler on this one keep your O/S on the small one and install the 250gig drive as a slave internal for storage of all of your data then as said if your O,S gets corrupt you can format and clean install without loosing any of your data.

  Gongoozler 07:34 29 May 2007

Another tip that might be useful to you. Assuming that you use Outlook Express for you emails - on your new hard drive create a folder called Email store and a second one called Email backup. In Outlook Express, select Tools - Options - Maintenance. Click on the "Store Folder" button. In the Store Location window click on the "Change" button, and browse for your Email store folder on the new drive. Your emails will now be in an easily accessible place, safe from any Windows crashes or corruption. Once a month, or whenever you want, copy the contents of the "Email store" folder to the "Email backup" folder, then if your emails get corrupted you can easily overwrite the corrupted dbx file with a good one.

  jack 08:04 29 May 2007

Thank you for those
I actually use Thunder-bird, and I dare say this could be an option, although my E-mail work is handled entirely differently.
Just for the exercise I'll explain though this could be the start of another topic.
I do get possibly 100 or so mails a day-usually responses from help lines I work on such as this one.
And of course the usual Viagra and other rubbish.
I in fact as mentioned here on other related topics , check all mail out on the server, as I did with this on [Thunder bird has not been fired up yet for the day].
When appropriate action has been taken, these mails are also deleted on the server.
Very little mail of import therefore comes into the machine at all, for saving .

  Gongoozler 09:12 29 May 2007

I use Thunderbird as well. I use MozBackup to regularly back emails up to my second hard drive.

  jack 11:42 29 May 2007

Thaml ou GG yet another Gem. I have dowloaded it and will install it and give it a whirl- shortly - after completeing cohres assigned to me by SHMBO.
I think this is now drifting off topic so I shall tick it off

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