new hard drives

  chippy+ 17:31 12 Nov 2006

hi i have 2pc' with 40g hard drives i would like to increase these to at least 80g both have xp home, one with the retail upgrade pack the other with oem pack, i would also be fitting a agp graphics card in one how does that affect the licence if at all i have a acronis image of both systems on external drives thanks Chippy

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:46 12 Nov 2006

If you need to reactivate, you should have no problem doing so.

  Stuartli 17:53 12 Nov 2006

IIRC Microsoft regards a change of motherboard as the key element in a computer system for this purpose.

By the way, the difference in prices between 80GB, 120GB, 160GB etc drives these days is so small that it's worth getting the largest capacity choice.

For instance, Scan's TodayOnly page is advertising Western Digital HDDs at £28 for 40GB, 80GB for £29, 120GB for £35, 160GB for £38, 200GB for £45 and 250GB for £48...:-)

It's not all that many years ago since I paid £66 for a 6.4GB hard drive.

  freaky 17:56 12 Nov 2006

I recently replaced a faulty HD with a new one, before removing it I cloned it to an External HD using Acronis True Image 8. I then cloned from the External to the new HD.

Everything went OK for two days, then received a message stating that the PC had changed together with a request to validate XP Home. I did this and all was OK.

As regards fitting a new Graphics Card, have done this a few times without any need to validate XP.

On a previous occasion I replaced the CD Rom with a CD-RW, had to validate XP that time as well.

When you are requested to validate your XP Licence you are given the option of via the internet or by phone. If you do not succeed via the internet then use the phone, it is automated but hang on until you can speak to someone.

Good luck !

  chippy+ 18:14 12 Nov 2006

hi thanks for the speedy replies will take on board all thanks again Chippy

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