New Hard Drive on XP

  jack 13:51 23 Jul 2004

I amm intending to install another hard drive on my XP Pro system- currently with 1- 40 GB drive.
This will used for storing Photos following a bad experience with CD-R storage.

I have built systems and added drives under Dos/Win 95/8 F Disk and all that.
What new for XP?
Do drives come now formatted ready to run?
If it has to be formatted is it Fdisk as of yore or does XP do it differently?

Finally my mother board appears to have 4 IDE connectors not two that I am familiar with

At the moment 1 carries Primary Drive [C] 2 carries DVD/CD and CD-Burner [2 drives]
3 and 4 are fallow. Presumably I could use number 3.

Any info before I start unzipping my beer token vault will be most welcome.

  Smegs 14:20 23 Jul 2004

A couple of weeks ago, I installed a brand new H/Drive into my Pc.

Installed Xp Home, installed it, every thing fine. Xp Home did format the drive first.

I then put my old H/Drive back in to transfer some work.

The new H/drive was C:

DVD Drive was D:

CD-RW was E:

Old H/Drive was F:.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:24 23 Jul 2004

I suggest you connect it as slave (set jumpers)on the primary IDE cable.

Auto recognise in BIOS

Fdisk / fromat it as normal

Then in my computer propertiies convert to NTFS works faster more stable in XP

Before putting any data files on it.

  flyingpeterpan 15:39 23 Jul 2004

I think your IDE 3 & IDE 4 are for RAID purposes, therefore I would suggest same as Fruit Bat to connect it to IDE 1 as the slave and format it if you can see it in My Computer by right click the icon and choose Format, and if you can't see it in My Computer, you can format it by using the Disk Management.

  jack 20:28 23 Jul 2004

Than kyuo both Fruitbat and flyinpeter pan
Will do As slave on the primary XP to format.

Now one last thing improve my education a little more
I have seem on this forum a lot about RAID
What is Raid?
Is there where dodgy data goes incase of a raid?

Jack ;-)

  Djohn 21:02 23 Jul 2004

Set as slave drive and make connections as required, It probably won't show in "My Computer" so Right click on the "My Computer Icon" choose manage then disk management. Right click in the right hand pane of Disk 1 [Disk 0 is your C: drive] choose initialise or partition.

Set the partition size as required, the whole disk or separate partitions then format. If you choose normal format it will take quite some time but as it's a new drive choose quick format and it will be done in seconds. It will now show in "My Computer and be ready for use.

  hillybilly 21:22 23 Jul 2004

RAID is an acronym for Redundent Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks. It was originally developed to improve the fault tolerance andperformance of Server type Pc's

To have a raid system you need a minimum of two drives for level 1 or 2, but by the time you get up to level 5 you need a minimum of 3 drives, but thats when they start to become hot swappable!

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