New hard drive/ win Xp installation

  Seadog 14:59 16 Aug 2006

My sons computers hard drive started to fail recently (or so it seems), so I thought I'd take the opportumity to put a new, larger drive in.
I removed the old drive and duly installed the new drive, selected "boot from CD" in the bios, put the Xp disc in the dvd drive, switched on the computer......and...........nothing! Shouldn't the windows Xp disc run automatically and start the OS installation?
Maybe there's something other than the hard drive at fault - anyone any ideas, the bios recognises the new drive after the memory check, it's a P4 2.4 processor 512 RAM and 80Gb HDD if that helps.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:05 16 Aug 2006

When booting up, do you see a message like "press any key to boot from CD"?

Or do you see any text? What PC is it?

  Seadog 15:23 16 Aug 2006

The computer goes through the memory test and then the PCI device listing...
followed by the message:

Verifying DMI pool data..........

Boot from CD :

And nothing happens, the "working" light is illuminated on the dvd drive, but nothing happens.

  Seadog 15:37 16 Aug 2006

Sorry,Diodorus Siculus, it's home built, I built it myself a couple of years ago from bits I had after upgrading my own machine.
That's what i can't understand, the Win Xp disc should just run and the installation program run unless something else is wrong...............

  Diodorus Siculus 15:39 16 Aug 2006

Difficult one... try removing the hard disk and booting with the CD - see what happens.

  mad1234 15:43 16 Aug 2006

in bios check your boot order to see if cd rom is there.
you can put it to 1st boot & then put 1st boot back to what it was when you have finished.

  Seadog 15:48 16 Aug 2006

Same thing happens without the hard drive in.
I have got the bios set up to 1st boot cd rom.

However, tried it again and again and now get the message (after BOOT FROM CD : ) "BOOT DISK FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER"
I don't have a system disk..............

  mad1234 15:58 16 Aug 2006

how many cd roms do you have?
if more than 1 try it in the other

  Seadog 16:02 16 Aug 2006

Only have the one drive but I could get an old one from the garage, but this drive was working perfectly the day before yesterday.

  Seadog 16:27 16 Aug 2006

Just connected a "used but good" old Samsung dvd drive in place of the other one and Xp is installing, but I don't think that this is the problem, will see what happens.
Thanks for the help/moral support.

  mad1234 16:38 16 Aug 2006

check your cables to cd rom

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