New hard drive suddenly very slow

  frustrated! 10:28 25 Jan 2007

Just after Christmas we were given a PC by a relative - it is a relatively old Dell Dimension 4100 System (circa 2001). We have replaced the hard drive with a Western Digital WD800JB Cavier SE 80Gb 7200RPM 8mb Cache drive and have upgraded the memory but still only have 384 mb of RAM at the moment. Initially we have been really pleased with the performance of the machine - it has been very fast, especially at opening and closing programs. Last week we had broadband installed. This week the machine has suddenly slowed down massively and the broadband will not work. Could the slow down be associated with problems with the installation of the broadband or should we be worrying about something else? I'd appreciate any comments or advice people would like to give.
Many thanks

  johndrew 11:14 25 Jan 2007

Define `slow`. Slow to boot/shut down or in `normal` operation?

What BB did you get ADSL or router and was the slow down immediately after you installed the software or had you been online?

What security software have you? Have you carried out a full scan with a good anti-virus (AVG/Avast type) and scan for other `nasties` with something like Spybot/Ad-Aware/Defender?

Are there any funny noises from the HDD?

Malware is likely to slow your PC and should be the first thing you check.

  Diemmess 11:33 25 Jan 2007

Another thing to check.
The configuration of your antivirus and firewall programs.

It can happen that scanning occurs every time you go online and simply swamps all available RAM, which in your case is a tad low anyway.
Most can be configured to have background detection, but scanning only on your command.

  frustrated! 13:49 25 Jan 2007

Thanks for the feedback - I have asked my partner who has been dealing with the machine for most this week and he has said the following:

Slow - means startup, shutdown and windows explorer navigation.

Broad Band - cable - modem?

Cannot install AVG - have tried.

Cannot open IE, to download spyware/adaware etc

IE shortcut disappeared from desktop, but still exists on taskbar.

He is going to have another look on the machine tonight and try to clarify where the problems seems to be so unless anyone has comments on the above I will post more information tomorrow.
Many thanks

  frustrated! 09:30 26 Jan 2007

Thanks for the advice guys, we've thankfully now managed to load AVG and there were at least three viruses on the system. We've given the whole system a good clean using CCleaner and loaded spyware and a firewall. Fingers crossed everything seems to be running a lot more smoothly.

  johndrew 10:40 26 Jan 2007

Not knowing what anti-malware programs you have installed, it may be worthwhile looking within these forums to identify the recommendations made by those with experience in these matters.

You should note that Ccleaner is not an ant-malware program and will only `tidy up` you system.

I run Kerio firewall, AVG, Defender, Ad-Aware, Spybot, a-squared free, SpywareBlaster and SpywareGuard. I also use WinPatrol as a `heads up` facility. Some may consider it overkill but it suits me.

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