New hard drive, Installed Windows 7 now have bsod

  PigginTart 10:12 30 Nov 2009


We brought a new hard drive for our pc(previous one died with the bsod). Old pc was running on Windows XP, so as it was a new hard drive, we decided to go for Windows 7. All was fine, installed the hard drive ok, installed Windows 7 ok...ish(had a bit of an issue with the password, but resolved that - luckily also have a laptop available so could search on the internet for solutions). Tried to install Norton (already have a subscription for it) and got the bsod, and couldn't reboot.

Any ideas on what has gone wrong??

  ambra4 10:21 30 Nov 2009

You cannot use XP Norton on Windows7 you have to uninstall Norton and get a antivirus program that will work on 7

Try Avira Personal Antivirus

click here

  Pamy 10:45 30 Nov 2009

How old is your computer, it may not run Win 7. Did you check first?

  PigginTart 12:08 30 Nov 2009

Didn't know there was such a thing as XP Norton - So I take it my subscription which was renewed just before the hard drive died is of no use??

Computer is around 5/6 years old - why wouldn't it run Windows 7??

  PigginTart 12:14 30 Nov 2009

Just thought, the Norton virus stuff was direct from the website. We were trying to contact them to find out how to install the virus checker that we are already subscribed to.

  PigginTart 12:43 30 Nov 2009

Forgot about this.... after the bsod it wouldn't even log on. It made a horrible noise, and wouldn't load, just a black screen and noise!!!

  ambra4 13:30 30 Nov 2009

“It made a horrible noise, and wouldn't load, just a black screen and noise!!!”

You need to open the case and find out what is the noise coming from, case fan, CPU fan,

hard drive, etc

  Pamy 15:24 30 Nov 2009

run this from Microsoft when you can

  Pamy 15:24 30 Nov 2009

oops click here

  Davejack 21:38 30 Nov 2009

I had the same problem. I wanted to do a clean install of Windows 7 and have a paid for subscription for Norton. So before I did the install I e-mailed symantec for help. I got a personal reply with a link to re-download Norton and how to re-activate it. I even got a free upgrade to Norton Internet security Suite 2010. They were very helpful. I did what they said and I am now running Norton on Windows7 with no problem. Hope this helps.

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