New hard drive - Inspiron 1525 - software problem.

  RIPInspiron 12:05 25 Nov 2009

The internal hard drive on my machine died over-night - fine one evening, very dead next morning. I bought a new drive and installed it and the software as per the two Dell manuals -"Reinstalling Dell MediaDirect" and "Inspiron Setup Guide",
Software loaded as follows -
CD1. Dell Application - for reinstalling Dell MediaDirect 3.5 - includes partitioning the hard drive
CD2. Windows Vista
CD3. Dell drivers and utilities (installing this at this point is omitted from the onscreen instructions, but is mentioned in the paper instructions)
CD4. As 1.
CD5. Works (and then various other applications).

Two problems -
The information in the manuals states that reinstallation returns the appearance/setup to the conditions as when shipped from Dell. This is not a major hassle, but it isn't even close to the case.

The major problem is that I cannot reinstall the setup/software to use my (cheap) Belkin F5D7634-4 router.
I have used a variety of methods to try to reset the router (as in the manual and as suggested by Belkin)and no matter what I try, the setup software cannot find the ethernet connection to the router. Also, the router indicator lamps only indicate power, ADSL connection and a wireless connection (even with WiFi switched off on the Inspiron), and I can get no wired connection indicator to burn.
What is at fault? PC software or the router? Both?

  howard64 14:34 25 Nov 2009

you need to find a driver for your ethernet connection. Sometimes just uninstalling it and rebooting will sort it out. If not you need a prog such as 'system info' to tell you what ethernet chips are installed you then will have to download the driver for it. Obviously you are using a different pc to write on this site so downloading should not be a problem.

  RIPInspiron 16:25 25 Nov 2009

I am a near total novice with software installation but know a little of the principles involved, and had sort of asumed what you mention to be the case. But I also assumed that the ethernet driver was one of many pieces of software on the Dell drivers and utilities CD.

I put the CD in the drive and tried investigating what is on it (not simple, as it wanted to skip straight to install with no onscreen window), and what was on the C drive. By fluke I managed to get to a screen "LOB: Inspiron, Platform: 1520, ....." That listed about 15 drivers, applications and utilities (that may be on the C drive - here I get lost!!!), including a Marvell ethernet controller, but still zipped. By selecting the Marvell controller and going through the install, guess what - we have an ethernet connection.
I have also checked some of the other files on the utilities CD - like WiFi drivers, and they too have not unzipped.

What now confuses me is why the zipped files on the utilities CD did not unzip and install as part of the setup procedure - certainly there is not even a hint that this would happen in the Dell literature.

  howard64 17:30 25 Nov 2009

as to why something does not work I gave up years ago searching for why. I now try different things to get things working and when asked often have to say do not know. It is a bit like many years ago as an electrician being asked to fault find an old installation often with either perished rubber cable or sometimes lead. Even if I had found the fault I would have rewired it as it would probably been dangerous to reconnect. Glad you found the driver and all is now well. Please tick this as now being resolved

  RIPInspiron 19:44 25 Nov 2009

Thanks for your prompt (to look for the driver) - just finished - all of the zipped files now installed and all seems to be working fine - the screen appearance has also changed for the better.

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