new hard drive and image question

  hugh-265156 20:26 10 Jun 2004

hi folks.

my old 40gig Seagate hard drive is almost full to bursting so i have decided to treat myself and my computer to some extra storage space.hopefully buying an extra drive tomorrow.

i have acronis true image so what I'm hoping to do is install my new drive temporarily as slave and then create and image of my old drive on it and swap them over,making my 40 gig drive slave and the new one master.

installing it is not a problem but if i do the above and then swap the drives around,change jumpers etc then,will the image i created be bootable?

sorry for the silly question but i have only backed up and restored to and from cdr in the past. PS.i have xp home.

any recommendations on make of drive welcome also please. have about £70 to spend so hoping for 60gig 7500rpm or better.

thank you.

  bvw in bristol 20:33 10 Jun 2004

Is Acronis Migrate Easy included with your Acronis True Image Hugh ?

  mosfet 20:34 10 Jun 2004

Yes it is bootable.Just done this after a big bit of trouble.I can't believe true image is free,it's great.

  hugh-265156 20:41 10 Jun 2004

thanks for the quick reply folks.

all i have is true image above i have used it before to restore an image from cdr and this has always worked well for me.

i just wasnt sure if made an image with acronis to the new drive set as slave and swapped drives around that it would boot.thanks.

  ton 21:28 10 Jun 2004

I have 3 Western Digital drives and have never had a problem with them.

Also the install software that comes with them (or you can download from their site if you buy OEM) will do the drive copy procedure very easily.
I used it for this purpose very recently.
The software is available as either dos or windows versions.
I used the windows version.
Just change jumper/cable and boot to the new drive.

  ventanas 22:05 10 Jun 2004

Obviously a personal opinion, but I always use Seagate drives. Got a 120gb Barracuda last December for £65 from PCW. Sets up in seconds with the downloadable utility.

As for Acronis, I really don't know. I have both Ghost and DriveImage on this machine. (I like to be sure) but have never used that one. Don't see why it won't work though.

  Simsy 22:27 10 Jun 2004

You say;

"i have acronis true image so what I'm hoping to do is install my new drive temporarily as slave and then create and image of my old drive on it and swap them over,making my 40 gig drive slave and the new one master."

If I've misunderstood I apologise, but the way I read this is that you're intending to make an image FILE onto the newdrive.

What you will need to do is RESTORE the image you create of the the original drive onto the new drive... This means that you will first have to partition the new drive, giving yourself somewhere to save the image file to....

Then you can restore to the other partition on the new drive the image you've created...

(Or you can make the image file of the original onto CD, and restore from the CD to the new drive)

I hope that makes sense, (and that I'm correct! I'm more used to Drive Image).

Again apologies if I'm barking up the wrong tree!

In answer to your real question... when the image is restored, as Les2 say, yes, it will be bootable.



  hugh-265156 22:33 10 Jun 2004

yes thats what i mean Simsy,i didnt explain things properly sorry.

i was planning to install the drive as slave and partition it then make a compressed image on one partition and then deploy it onto the other partition.

then swap drives and jumpers.

should work ok shouldnt it?

  Neo_0147 22:44 10 Jun 2004

maxtor make excellent hard drives in my opinion

  ton 22:54 10 Jun 2004

The Western Digital software I mentioned above will copy directly to the new drive. I believe the other drive manufacturers have similar software.

  hugh-265156 22:58 10 Jun 2004

thanks for the help folks.

ton, can you let me know the name of the Western Digital software you mentioned please?

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